Tips To Selling or Renting Out Your Property In India

Do you own a home or an apartment that you have contemplated on whether or not to rent it out to foreign tourists? Many Indians choose to rent out their properties, when they are not living in them. This gives them the opportunity to bring in a nice weekly or monthly income that can make their life a lot of easier. If you are a foreign homeowner or local homeowner, you should download one of the best real estate apps today.

Tips To Selling or Renting Out Your Property In India

Listing Your Property

The app allows you the easiest way to market and advertise your property. If your home is open with no one residing in it, you should consider renting it out to tourists. This money can be used as a second income and fit nicely into your finances. Of course, you will need someone to oversee the cleaning and maintenance of the property, but you will not have to hire an agent to help your list your property. Everything that you will need to list your home on the market is on the software. Just register and start your listing, without having to spend a dime. Of course, the listing has to be approved and verified by the housing team, but that will not take very long and you will be on your way to earning a large profit on your rental property.

 Tips To Selling or Renting Out Your Property In India

Simple Technique

Once the app is downloaded, you can click on it to open it up. Search for the city that your property is listen in then click on the menu feature and scroll through the list. Click on the “list property” and you can fill out the short registration form, then you can start listing your property. You can also add photos of the interior and exterior of the home. Once you have completed this simple technique and list your property, the team will simply verify your property’s location and type then approve your request.

Personal Account

Once you have set up your own personal account, you can sign back into it anytime that you would like. If you do not have access to the device that you used to sign up for the account, you can simple use another iOS or android device to access your account. This is great because you can utilize this app, when you are at work, gym, or at home.

 Tips To Selling or Renting Out Your Property In India

E-mail Notifications

When a home seeker has a question about your listed property, they will contact you through the application and you will receive an immediate e-mail. You may get a request to call the potential renter, which you will need to do by using your landline or mobile phone. You can continue to converse through e-mail until the person is satisfied with your response. Your quick response will definitely look good to the home seeker and hopefully you will be well on your way to a successful transaction.


The app is the best software and resource for selling your renting your property. It is heads above the traditional way of listing your property on the real estate market.

Tips To Selling or Renting Out Your Property In India

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