Tips For Choosing Your Sheer Curtains & Wall Art

Elegant sheer curtains can add an element of beauty, airiness and light to your rooms like none else. Made in different materials, it can be difficult to make the right choice. matching them with your wall and decor can be another challenge. This guide will provide you the valuable info and tips required to create the perfect interior with these decor elements.


Sheer Curtain Materials

Sheer polyester weave curtains are quite common and can be recognized by their slight luster. Typically, other materials are added to make these sheer curtains wrinkle-free. The best thing about these curtains is that they don’t need as much care as other materials. They are also available embroidered with a variety of materials including silk.

Silk Sheer Curtains: These are premium curtains known for their longer lifecycle when given proper care. If you have a fancier bedroom, pure white silk sheers will be perfect for it. Metallic silk sheers have a more contemporary vibe.

Linen or Cotton Sheers: If you are looking to add a more natural look to your rooms, these sheer curtains make the perfect choice. The designs can be printed or embroidered in chenille or silk.

Lace is a classic material and was traditionally hand woven. While natural lace is available in only white and off-white shades, synthetic lace is available in different colors.


Blackout Curtains

You would want to add blackout curtains to your rooms if your goal is to conserve energy along with adding elegance. These curtains help keep out significant amount of sunlight and protect the floors and furniture against fading. The modern materials for these curtains are much softer and no longer static-prone like their traditional counterparts. You can use these curtains in rooms that get the most amount of sunlight or where you don’t want light to enter.

While blackout curtains are mostly available in dark and heavy fabrics, they are also available in white. Besides, they are also available in elegant colors and patterns to match your existing interior décor.


Wall Art

When it comes to your walls, there is almost endless collection of Modern Wall Art to blend in with any interior décor and elements. You can have wall art that displays multi colors, something that reminds of your childhood crayon collection. Then there are flower paper and mirror wall arts. Some of the other options include:

  • Innovative tape creation
  • Delicate Parisian vibe
  • Colored pop map art
  • Contemporary watercolor art
  • Sliced logs or pallet wood
  • Pet pictures

There is no limit to what kind of wall art you can choose fro your home. However, it is recommended to select something that matches your interior décor perfectly.