Things to Look for in a Facilities Management Company

Whether you’re expanding your business or you’re ready to take the leap to outsourcing some of your facilities management, the chances are that you’ll be looking at some of the best UK facilities management companies and struggling to make a decision. Below, we’ve rounded up some considerations to make when selecting the right partner for your business.

Clearly Outlined Transition Process

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving the management of your facilities in-house to an external provider, or you’re switching from one FM company to another. Changing providers can be stressful and overwhelming, and, in some cases, can be risky for your business. You are handing over the responsibility from one trusted firm to another, and it might be that there is a transition period where you’re not covered. To ensure that you’re protected from day one, speak to your new FM provider and ask them about how they’ve transitioned in the past. It might be that they slowly take on some aspects of your site until the old provider can complete duties and contractual obligations. Make this a priority when considering a switch.

Online Portal and Remote Access

Modern facilities management providers offer their clients access to an online portal or app where they can remotely access parts of their service. This could be a platform where they can log maintenance issues, ask for a clean, or request security for an upcoming event or product launch. Speak with the providers at the top of your list and see how much of their service is automated and digitized – though not a deal-breaker, choosing a company with a digital presence will streamline proceedings and they’ll likely be much easier to work with.

Reviews and Testimonials

Another consideration when choosing a new FM provider is their track record. Look at reviews and testimonials for the business across all popular sites, including Reviews, Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook – not just the hand-selected reviews from their website. Bear in mind that testimonials are often filmed and edited by the facilities management firm, so you’re better off looking on external websites to ascertain whether they’re right for you.


Given the speed at which businesses change and grow in today’s marketplace, it’s vital that you choose a facilities management company that can scale at pace. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on this – FM companies that are agile and all the ball were quickly able to adapt their service offerings to help their clients weather the storm. One of the best tests is to ask how the provider coped during the pandemic – ask fro case studies to see how quickly they were able to pivot their service offerings to cope with changing demands.

Choosing a facilities management company for your business can be time-consuming and daunting, but by taking out considerations on board, it’s possible. Let us know how you get on and check back soon for more advice on running your business in today’s testing times.