Things To Consider In Choosing Plant Hire Services

The decision to opt for plant hire services is an easy one for many. The ability or willingness to invest in large capital pieces of equipment that may only be required for a relatively short time very often leads the thought process to plant hire. This also removes the issues of storage, maintenance, insurance and general asset management.

When deciding on what type of plant hire or plant hire services you require, you need to consider many aspects to ensure you get the best value for money whilst reducing the risks to both to the contract for the plant and your overall project. Understanding and reviewing some key aspects will ensure the best outcome.

It is important to understand the full range of services that plant hire companies can provide. The different service patterns will provide different risk profiles, offer varying degrees of flexibility, and deliver a unique value-for-money equation.

Understanding the type of plant you require and also the size and duration of the contract are critical aspects that will drive the process. Depending on your project having the correct equipment available at the correct time is going to be important.

It is necessary to consider who is going to be responsible for insurance of the equipment and for liability insurance. These will depend on who will be operating the equipment. Will the plant hire service company be providing operators or training your staff, or will there be another third party?

Contracting for a day rate for straight equipment hire can be done, but you can also opt for various levels of service for a fixed price for the completion of the entire task. Your level of confidence in being able to define the complete task will determine what you choose.

What Happens When The Equipment Lets You Down?

What happens if the equipment breaks? How quickly does the plant hire service company promise to have an engineer on site? And if the problem results in a long period of downtime, what is the expectation for alternative provision of the service? If your project is time-critical, then understanding the support capability of your supplier is important. Even a quick look at the age and maintenance history of their equipment your supplier proposes to use may provide some insight about the risks.

Transportation of heavy plant equipment can be expensive, so these costs need to be budgeted for. One strategy here is to find a plant hire company close to the site. So if your office is in Devon and your site is in Essex, then looking for plant hire in Essex would be wise.

Cost of Consumables

The cost of consumables can soon mount up, and understanding if these are included is important. It depends on the level of service being contracted. It is imperative to understand who will be responsible for delays and who will pay for any overruns of equipment usage and for delays to further works. Making mistakes in these areas can prove to be very expensive.