Things To Consider Before Buying Bunk Beds

Bunk beds offer a lot of versatility in function and design. They also have varied costs. cheap bunk bed are available in the market, but customized ones tend to be more expensive. There are three main things to consider before buying bunk beds.


Bunk beds were designed to maximize smaller room spaces. Some bunk beds also have larger bottom beds which can accommodate two people. The design will ultimately depend on the space you have.


This is where you can have a lot of fun and be more creative. You can purchase pre-made cheap plate form bed , or you can have your own design. If you have more space but still want to save some, you can choose bunk beds with desks and cabinets underneath. It can also become a play area for kids, which can be integrated with the bed.

Modern bedroom sets do not have to have a standard design. Some are L-shaped, others have curtains or shelves. Children usually require smaller height between the beds. If adults are going to use the bed, there might be a need for a taller height, but you will have to mind the top bunk. It should have enough space for the occupant to avoid bumping the ceiling.

You may choose if the bunk bed should come with a ladder or stairs. Ladders may present more safety issues with children. Stairs can be more expensive, but they allow for more storage. Children need extra protection with bunk beds, so make sure that railing height, especially for the top bunk, is enough for your kid. Consider railing height when purchasing mattresses so that the occupant will not fall off. Moreover, lighter mattresses are preferred with bunk beds for easier manipulation, as it is much harder to make the bed at the top bunk.

Things To Consider Before Buying Bunk Beds


Bunk beds usually come as either metal or wooden. Metal frames are less expensive and easier to assemble, so it is ideal for families who move around a lot. Children who grow up with bunk beds and need replacement of beds or rearranging of rooms also do better with metal beds. Unfortunately, it is not for children who move around a lot, as these beds may start to have a defective alignment and become squeaky.

Wooden beds offer more flexibility in terms of design because you can pick from different colors, textures or wood types. These are also more beautiful when they complement other furniture in the room, and give a more traditional or vintage feel. They have the charm of appearing new even after being purchased for years. That being said, they are more durable than metal bunk beds. Unfortunately, due to this, they can be heavier and harder to move. Through the years, it may have cracks, chips, or may cause splinters.

Choosing a bunk bed can be convenient, since it does not only save space, but it also adds a creative taste to your room. This guide should be enough to help you choose the best bunk bed for your room.