The Scanners Buying Guide – Learn About the Different Features and Uses

Different professionals like graphic designers, artists, art appraisers, photo editors and many others use scanners to digitize the valuable hard copy photos. They are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the requirement with variety of features. However, they have common feature to capture printed artwork, photographic image and the text document. Later, you could easily view the scanned document on the monitor screen.

You must be fully aware of the amazing features of the scanners. You could ask different questions to the sales person to make a well informed decision. You have to look out for all the technical terms related to scanner. You could use the scanners for various purposes like academic, personal and business tasks.

The common benefits of scanner include:

  • You could save the photographs in the online photo gallery
  • It is a brilliant way to keep a record of all the important documents, warranties and the receipts
  • You could archive the magazine clippings and the newspaper clippings
  • It will digitize the photos including slides and negative photos

This device will help you to fulfill the dream of paperless office. There are different brands of scanners like versatilemobile available in the market. You must go through the customer reviews and quotations before choosing a trusted brand. While choosing a scanner you must consider the features.

Check out the quality of scanner sensors. A good quality sensor will deliver brilliant quality of the scans. The sensors will capture the light reflected from object and convert them into a digitalized image. Here are the different types of sensors available in market:

  • Contact image sensor
  • Charged coupled device
  • Photomultiplier tubes

The charge coupled device or the CCD scanners are a special type of scanners that will convert bright light into image. It consists of many rows that are used to capture the image. They are known to produce much better quality than other types of scanners.

The contact image sensors are placed just below the document to be scanned. It picks up light from the document to scan the mage. They are quite compact and offer great durability. The photomultiplier tubes are placed in the drum scanners. They consist of three tubes including the green, red and the blue. Such type of sensors are quite sensitive than CCD and CIS. Hence, they are able to generate detailed scans.

There are several questions you must ask the sales person before making a choice:

  • What size of image reproduction do you require?
  • What kind of documents or image to be scanned?
  • What type of optical resolution is suitable?
  • What level of quality is acceptable by the scanner?
  • How much space should be allocated for this device on desk?

We at Versatile Mobile systems, Inc. offer different kinds of scanners like flatbed, sheet fed scanners and the photo scanners. The handheld scanner is a recent product in our store. What makes it better than others is that it easily fits in your hand. Both the sensor and light sources are contained in head of scanner.