The Mistakes People Most Regret After Building A Home

Many buy pre-built homes on the real estate market, but there truly is no greater joy than designing and having your very own home built to your specifications. With that said, many of those who have had homes built have subsequently learned some valuable lessons along the way and it all starts with having a professional do the job for you.

Mistake #1: Not Hiring a Contractor

One of the most damaging statements that someone designing their own home can hear is that a general contractor is doing the very same tasks that you are capable of completing on your own. This is not only untrue, but it will lead to delays, costly errors, and quite possibly, put the building of your dream home in jeopardy.

There are a number of reasons why a professional contractor or a company of Sydney home builders should be employed to complete the task for you:

  • The company will know the best subcontractors for your particular project.
  • You receive expert services for a lower price than if you were to hire a subcontractor on your own (i.e. a home building company will pay less to have the very same plumber perform the very same plumbing work).
  • Given that subcontractors have existing relationships with general contractors and homebuilders, they will do whatever is necessary to make sure that the work they perform is of the highest quality in order to secure future work.

Mistake #2: Not Using Professionally Made Home Plans

Laying out the floor plan of your new home on a napkin will not be enough for a home building company to follow. What is even worse is having no plans at all to share with the company and leaving them completely in the dark. This obviously can have an overall negative impact on the prospective outcome of the project.

Home plans may cost up to $500 if not even more, but consider the fact that you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on having your dream home built. By having a great house plan created prior to initiating the home design and building process, you can:

  • Get an accurate cost estimate for building your home.
  • Be sure that the contractors and subcontractors know exactly what they should do.
  • Avoid any costly errors, which would be your mistake. (Typically, it is assumed that you would be responsible for providing sound house building plans and not the contractor).
  • Avoid costly delays.

Mistake #3: Choosing Best Price over Quality

Building your very own home is expensive, which is why you should be willing to put forth the cash if you want the job done right. If what you are looking for is the least expensive contractors for the job, then you will be left disappointed. But if you do your homework and look for a company that has completed similar projects to yours in the past, has a great reputation, and has left customers happy for a price you can afford, you will be happy for the next several years that you spend in your home.