The Meet World Most Beautiful Bengal Cat “Thor”

Meet Thor, The Most Beautiful Bengal Cat In The World!

Being the most beautiful Bengal cat in the world, Thor is a majestic creature that seems to enchant everyone that he meets.

It has emerald green eyes and unique sandy fur, and as soon as his photos appeared online, they have gone viral.  As its fur pattern is very attractive, paired with his mesmerizing green eyes, he actually looks like a miniature Bengal tiger!

His owner, Rani Cucicov says that he feels like a servant, as everyone is ready to serve Thor when he opens his mouth. Yet, he claims that they get lots of love in return!

He says Thor is a lovable and active cat, that talks all the time. Sometimes, before going to sleep, he climbs on the walls, but after several minutes, he goes to bed. He also goes to the door to check when visitors ring the bell, and meows if he likes them.

His personality is domineering just like the one of a tiger, so Thor expects to be treated like a cat king, even though he spends most of his time giving his loved ones love and affection.




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