The Many Uses Of Graffiti

It is truly incredible how a bit of paint can revolutionise the way we see a piece of furniture. Now if you are anything like me, then you’ll love a DIY project! If you’re eager to do a bit of revamping before summer then say goodbye to stiff paint brushes and bring on the magic of spray paint. I know what you’re thinking…spray paint? But not only is it easier to use than paint, less messy, quicker and cheaper, do you need any more reasons to try it? Here are some of the best ways to incorporate graffiti spray paint into your home:

For a Style Update

Hello, spray painting newbies! First of all, start off with a small project, don’t try and be too ambitious, why not try a metal lantern or a small piece of furniture? First search online for a spray paint to suit your metal type, then take it outside, place a dust sheet or newspaper over the floor and get spraying!

Top Tip: Always check and make sure that the spray paint you buy is one specific for your material, i.e. wood, metal or plastic. Avoid cheap, generic sprays which aren’t as durable and don’t shoot a consistent flow of paint.

By using spray paint on furniture, it will give an even and smoother looks than if you use paint brush or roller. If you are painting a piece of furniture that has uneven surfaces then this is the ideal solution. However, before you paint anything, it is important to remember to buff the furniture with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper to remove any remnants of the original varnish. This will ensure that the prime you apply with adhere properly to the surface. Remember to buy painters tape, and plastic wrap to cover any parts that you don’t want to paint, oh and that dust sheet, as spray painting can get a little messy!

For piece of furniture that has lots of nooks and crannies, or detailing that could be difficult to go round with an ordinary paint brush, then spray paint is definitely the answer to your problems. It is especially handy to wicker furniture, as it can get into all the weaves of the wood without worry that you haven’t covered an area.

Top Tip: Always try and hold the can approximately 8 to 10 inches away from the time you are spraying to ensure an even light coat, using a side to side stoke motion. Spraying too much, too close will cause the paint to drip and leave marks when drying. It is best to always do a lighter covering because once it is thoroughly dry you can go back over it again with another layer.

Once you’ve got the hang of spray painting, there will be no stopping you! You can move up the ladder onto bigger and more intricate items. Experiment with flowery stencils on walls or phrases on welcome mats, or even try and create your own unique fabulous patterns.

The Many Uses Of Graffiti

Top Tip: If you coat a layer of clear spray-on sealant after you’ve finished your creative project, it will not only help preserve the life of your furniture, but it will also give the surface a clean, shiny finish, meaning that it will be easily cleaned if any spillages should occur.

Spray paint is convenient and truly versatile, spray paint is truly a little creativeness in a can. Find your local graffiti spray paint shop, or look online, pick your favourite colour (or an assortment) and let your artistic juices flow!