The Essentiality Of C Arm X -Ray In Surgical Spectrum

For the last two decades, there has been new surgical equipment introduced by researchers and skilled technicians. C arm X -Ray imaging machine is one of the tools helping surgeons to learn anatomy of their suffering patients.

The Essentiality Of C Arm X -Ray In Surgical Spectrum

What you should know about C Arms Imaging System:

In simple terms it can be explained as mobile image producing device extremely useful to visualize the inner organs of a sick person. It is named as C arm due to its load bearing section, which appears as letter ā€˜Cā€™ of English language.

It is available in market in various models having slight difference in their features and functions. It is preferred to be used by surgical and scanning team of medical advisors for its ability to produce clear images without the health hassles usually associated with X ray and scanning machines.

Medically, it can be explained as a complex instrument, used as quality rated X-ray image intensifier. This complex piece of machinery has different components namely input window, input phosphor, electrode optics, output window, photo cathode, vacuum optics and output phosphor.

The Pros of C Arm Medical Imaging Instrument:

  • You will be able to have quality images of human anatomy clearly and accurately.
  • They are available in various types, hence can be used according to your surgical needs. It is movable as well as fluoroscopic.
  • They cause least discomfort and pain to the sick person. They no longer have to line up for lengthy procedure to have scanning done on the affected organs.
  • Even by minimal exposures you are able to have clear images to do further diagnosis. Hence, radian effects are quite minimal.
  • The pictures are filmed quite fast to view immediately after the scanning is done.
  • It is lightweight and easily movable, hence gives lot of space for the operator and the patient to move and work.

The best part is that it saves time, and it is quite cost effective. Initially, it was used only in general and orthopedic sector of medical sector. Gradually, it started being used in every part of medical institutes. The medical field where it is widely used includes minimal invasive surgeries, spinal surgeries and places where you experience great pain.

Key Factors of the X- ray Instrument:

  • At present. There are many digital C Arms available which display the images on screen instantly.
  • The C arm can be moved in any direction like vertical, horizontal and can be even in a wig wag style. Some of the C arms even rotate.
  • X ray tubes are of two kinds such as rotating anode and fixed anode. It helps in manipulating the images. You can even magnify the images produced to gain clearer image, review them in all angles and have over view of it in seconds.

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