The Contents Of A Professional 3d Printing Course

3d printing is one of the most happening and interesting technological advancements that has taken place in the recent times. The industry of 3d printing has been successful in proving itself as a booming industry, not only in the western countries but throughout the world. The developed countries of the world are reaping the best benefits of 3d printing, which is not the case with some developing countries. In the developing countries, the adoption of 3d printing is a little slow. This is the reason why the government in the developing countries in continuously making efforts in the field of providing the best 3d printing course to the people so that people come face to face with the advantages that can be fetched from this technology.

The Contents Of A Professional 3d Printing Course

The Basics of a Course in 3d Printing

The most important thing required for undergoing a 3d printing course is a 3d printer. Purchasing a 3d printer is quite expensive for common people. However, in the developed countries of the world like the USA, children have easy access to 3d printers in colleges, universities and even in schools. With an introduction to a course in 3d printing, you will be able to learn the procedures required for creating wonderful 3d models. You will have to design and then print your very own 3d models. Whatever be your background, whether it is engineering, architectural, jewelry, product or simply an enthusiast, the course will help you in designing and 3d printing in a very confident manner. Once you are done with the course, you will get your hands on designing and printing several models and you will also gain the knowledge of prototyping models and products at home or at work.

An Overview of the Course

A course in 3d printing is a hands-on course which guides you through each and every step involved in 3d printing starting right from designing to printing. The course will give you the basic understanding of 3d models and you will learn the procedure of creating models, modifying existing models and using advanced printing techniques for getting the best results. The course is specifically designed for all the users dwelling in educational and professional environments. It gives a basic understanding of the procedures used in 3d printing which helps in increasing productivity and returns on investment. Students can complete a 3d printing course at their location. There are no formal qualifications required. However, students need to have basic skills in Mac and PC operation.

Course Outline

A basic course in 3d printing covers the following areas:

  • Printer set up which will include leveling build platform and loading and modifying filament reels.
  • Printing the first models from an SD card and printing it.

Apart from this, students are also given an understanding of the print options that they can use on their 3d printers. They get a complete knowledge on maintaining their 3d printers. The points included in the maintenance program for 3d printers are:

  • Identifying and solving common print problems.
  • Replacing cover tape on the platform
  • Re-leveling build plate
  • Replacing print nozzle.