The Best Places To Look For A New Job

In 2017, the landscape for finding a new job is far different than it was even two decades ago. Everything involving the application and search process these days is done online, and being able to properly navigate those waters is one of the biggest keys to finding a new job. There are places you can go, like Goodwill Job Connection, that can help during your search. But above all else, if you are going to find a new job, you need to know the best places to look.

Join the Right Social Media Network

Social media has become an absolutely essential tool for finding a new place of employment. Unquestionably, one thing that would be drilled into your head at a Goodwill Job Connection is how Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin can be terrific weapons in your job search arsenal.

The Best Places To Look For A New Job

Recruiters often use Linkedin as a place to search for potential new hires, so having updated resume information on there when you are looking for a job is a great idea. It’s also a good resource for find jobs and money companies now allow you to apply directly through LinkedIn with just the click of a button. Furthermore, companies constantly post their latest job openings on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook pages, so keeping track of the social media accounts of companies in the field you work is an easy way to see who has openings you might be interested in filling. Social media accounts are also a great way to connect with friends and acquaintances who may be able to directly help in your search or connect you with somebody who could be a great asset during your hunt.

Go Directly to the Source

The companies in your desired field are all bound to have comprehensive sections on their websites dedicated to listing a current job opening. These sections generally have a lot of information on which jobs are available, what each job entails, and insight into the company culture. It’s a great place to regularly visit if you are interested in working at a specific company so you know about new jobs immediately after they’re posted. Sometimes you can even sign up for alerts to get noticed even quicker.

The Best Places To Look For A New Job

This is also an incredibly convenient way to apply for a posting. Generally, you’ll just have to fill out a few online forms and upload your resume. It’s so much faster than the past and allows you to quickly and easily apply for multiple jobs in varying companies each day.

Don’t Discount Online Job Boards

Online job boards are also a great place to start. Each day, companies worldwide post thousands of availabilities on sites like Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder. Search those sites daily and sign up for alerts. This is an ideal way to stay ahead of the curve on new job openings.

The Best Places To Look For A New Job

In addition to those sites, which have postings for a multitude of industries, there are also numerous job search sites that are tailored to those looking for work in specific fields, such as TeamWork Online, which posts job openings in sports; TVandRadioJobs, which posts job openings in broadcasting; and Health eCareers, which posts job openings in healthcare. This also applies to job aggregators, like ZipRecruiter, which makes the process easier for both employers and potential employees by pulling job postings and resumes from multiple different sources so that everyone involved in the process can essentially be one-stop shoppers.

Access & Grow Your Network

While the entire job market is now based around search and applying directly on the internet, in-person networking may be the most difficult, but arguably the most effective way to find new employment.

Gatherings with groups of people that share similar goals can establish excellent professional connections. The same can be said for showing up to job fairs and meeting potential employers in person. Establishing in-person rapport will help put a face to the name on your resume, hopefully resulting in somewhat of an edge in the process.

job fair

Of course, nothing beats already established connections. This is why it’s key to leverage connections through alumni groups, former co-workers, ex-classmates, and old acquaintances. You never know who will be beneficial to reach out for help when you’re searching for that next job. Just staying in touch can be an excellent way to find a new job because you already have pre-existing relationships you can lean on when attempting to network in your industry.

It’s always a plus when someone you already know can either recommend you for a job or refer you to somebody who is in a position to further your employment aspirations. And while your existing network is one of the most powerful tools you have to draw from when looking for a new place to work, it is always good to get out meet new people. Access networking happy hours, job fairs, or other social and professional based gatherings and you will expand your network. And, each person you meet and draw into your network is someone who could potentially be in position to help you down the line.

The way job searches are conducted today is much different than in the past, both from an employer and employee perspective. The process can be isolating, but you are not in this alone. There are people who can and want to help you and the more you put yourself out there, the more resources you will find that will ultimately land you that new job.