The Benefit Of High Recovery Vials

When the integrity of your research or manufacturing programs depend on working with and storing delicate and valuable samples, you’ll want to ensure that you do not wind up wasting any of these vital substances. Using the best available storage solutions can reduce loss of materials to the absolute minimum.

Wheaton’s high recovery vials are uniquely is designed so as to permit maximum retrieval of the sample content with a syringe or pipette. For this purpose they have a smooth, conical interior surface. Wheaton’s high recovery vials are made from low expansion borosilicate glass, which makes them much more resistant to thermal shock than traditional types of glass. This means that you don’t need to worry about them shattering at high temperatures, destroying your costly sample.

The Benefit Of High Recovery Vials

Why Choose High Recovery Vials?

High recovery vials are much more efficient than standard, flat bottom vials, which create residual waste due to the fact that it is impossible to withdraw all of the contents using a syringe or pipette. In order to compensate for this wastage, pharmaceutical manufacturers have to slightly overfill vials so that an adequate volume of the sample can be retrieved. High recovery vials permit downward drainage and pooling in the conical tip, enabling more of the sample to be withdrawn. Wheaton recently performed a study on their high recovery vials and found that there was a 99% reduction in waste compared to flat bottom vials. This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to fill high recovery vials with the same batch volume.

Wheaton’s high recovery vials have screw cap or crimp/serum closures, which will prevent your samples from becoming contaminated and will maintain the integrity of your test results. These vials are ideal for the packaging and handling of pharmaceuticals and sample storage and lyophilixation as well as for storing:

  • Reagents
  • Media
  • Serums
  • Blood samples
  • Vaccines

Concentrations and reactions can be performed directly into the sampling vial, which eliminated the need for sample transfer. The vials are available in a range of sizes in clear class to allow complete visibility or in amber glass to guarantee UVA protection.

Why Choose Wheaton?

  • The company is dedicated to designing and delivering today’s most innovative solutions for laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and specialty pharmaceutical industries, and they have an impressive 125-year legacy behind them, so you can be certain that when you stock your lab with Wheaton’s vials, you are getting the best.
  • Wheaton has a proven record to show that their products and services consistently meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements. What’s more, you can count on the quality and consistent high standards of Wheaton’s products, all of which meet ISO and OHSAS health and safety requirements. As you know, this is essential for your laboratory, so that you samples are not at risk of contamination.
  • Wheaton is committed to the constant improvement of their products and services so you can rest assured that you are using cutting edge technology in your laboratory.

Ultimately Wheaton believes in keeping their products at the top of the industry so that your laboratory is at the top of your industry.