The Beauty Of Small Double-Wide Mobile Homes

If you have a picture of something drab, dreary, cramped, and no amenities when you think of double-wide mobile homes for sale, this article will change your mind’s image. Yes, you can purchase small double-wide mobile homes, but even the smallest models are still, on average, 800 to 900 square feet. This gives a single person or a couple plenty of space, sometimes more than what an apartment can offer. What’s even better is you can own your home instead of renting it.

Square Footage

As mentioned above, small double-wide mobile homes can be 800 to 900 square feet, but if you’re looking for more space, some of the larger models offer you 1,500 to 1,600 square feet. Site-built homes aren’t even that large, generally, and the manufactured residence does not look or feel manufactured. If you have a large family, you can even purchase a mobile home that is well over 2,000 square feet and offers you four bedrooms. Plenty of space for everyone at a fraction of what it will cost you to buy a site-built, single-family residence.

Interior Amenities

With these dimensions, you can tell that your family won’t be cramped in double-wide mobile homes for sale, but will you have to sacrifice that kitchen island or outdoor deck you’ve always dreamt of? No, you won’t. Today’s manufactured home has all the bells and whistles a site-built home has. You’ll have plenty of space for a full entertainment center in the living room, a beautiful and modern kitchen with upgraded appliances, countertops and tile to die for, track lighting, and a separate utility room for your washer and dryer. You are not skimping on anything by going manufactured instead of site-built.

Exterior Amenities

Even if you prefer small double-wide mobile homes, you can still have the interior you desire and all houses offer a variety of exterior amenities depending on where you place them. Mobile home communities have also modernized themselves, and you can have your choice of landscaped property or maintaining your own space, swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, community areas, and even golf courses. Today’s parks have taken a hint from apartment and condominium complexes and offer their residents plenty of things to do outside of their homes.

At What Cost?

You might be thinking, “Okay, but at what cost,” and this is where the beauty of double-wide mobile homes for sale really shines. Your space rent will depend upon the community and the city in which you live, but your new home will only cost you, on average, from $30,000 to $75,000. That’s right; you can get a new home that is over 2,000 square feet for $75,000. If this doesn’t sell you on the idea of going manufactured instead of site-built, nothing will.

Whether you are looking for large or small double-wide mobile homes for sale, there is one thing for certain, your cost to purchase the home will be significantly lower than a site-built property, and chances are, your space rent won’t break the bank, either. Contact a manufacturer today and see how beautiful your new home is going to be!