The Artistic and Creative Handicrafts Of India

Time is a testament for everything. Something which was a rage some time back find no place in today’s time. And this is a continuous process. Handicrafts of our country also stood the same test of time and only for a small time it faced some bad time. Nowadays, people feel elated to have the handicraft materials at their disposal because they somehow add some weightage to prestige. Every state of our country have some fabulous handicraft story and this history of handicraft is as old as this country. Now people can also buy handicrafts gifts online as various websites house them. Knowing the special handicraft of various states would polish your knowledge about them and thus you can buy the best gift for your people.

The Artistic and Creative Handicrafts Of India

Weaves: The art of weaving is persistent in almost all states of this big country and each one have formed a specialty of this art. For example, phulkari of Punjab, Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh, Kota of Rajasthan, Chikan of Uttar Pradesh are some of the world renowned names in this segment. When you are visiting these places, getting some cloth material of these weaving style is believed to be the best gift for your loved ones.

Wood Art: The carving of wood comes very next to the weaving. The walnut wood carvings of Jammu & Kashmir, delicately wooden doors and windows of Himachal Pradesh, rosewood usage and its art in Mysore, or the Miraj musical instruments of Maharashtra are some of the names that have added to the artistic glory of our country.

Pottery: While talking of pottery, you might get the glimpse of the blue colored potteries that are found in Jaipur. The blue pottery of Jaipur is internationally famous and also garner some hefty international orders.

Jewelry: Having gold jewelry is a matter of gravity and prestige in society. Till today, the beauty of a bride is measured with the amount of jewelry she is adorned with. Various styles and designs of jewelry have been engraved here and we are the place which is internationally known to be the most artistic one in terms of jewelry design. One would find the Tarkashi design that is inspired by Greek and patronized by Kashmiris, Vadaseri design or the temple design of South India, Meenakari work of the Mughals, Kundana nd Jadau by Rajputs, etc.

Paintings: We have produced many popular painters from Abanindranath Tagore to M.F. HUssain, to Ganesh Pyne. But the colorful canvasses of the royal forts still mesmerizes us. Tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu, Mughal Paintings in their numerous forts, pattaa-chitra of Odisha, or the Madhubani paintings of Bihar are some of the regional delicacies in the segment of paintings. In any art fair, these are the most profitable items that are sold.

Terracotta: In common terms, muds are burnt to get the material of terracotta. Nowadays, not only you get terracotta showpieces but some long list of other items also. The terracotta horses of Bishnupur are very famous. These days, the terracotta jewelry consisting earring, necklace, or bracelet are also growing in popularity. In fact this is the easiest handicraft items online that you can get for your women folks.