Tablet- The New Buzz in Online Marketing World

The world of mobile internet marketing was diverse enough, but has become wider with the introduction of tablet. Tablet is the new sensation, and is fastly growing, and increasing the number of its users. As per a survey conducted by a famous research company, the sale of tablets is going to supersede the sales of notebooks in the year 2012.

Businesses as well as internet marketing companies understand and realize the importance of tablets in online marketing. The mobile devices arena is becoming more and more complex for the businesses to target, with a new model and mobile software releasing every now and then. The lines below explain how tablet is different from other devices like; PCs and mobile phones, and how a business should build its online marketing strategy around tablets.

Exclusive Niche:

The niche of a tablet is unique compared to all other devices; it does not fit any of the other devices available.

  • Though they are portable like smartphones, but have a substantially larger screen compared to phones.
  • The larger screen of tablets is smaller than the smallest laptop, and it also lacks physical keyboard and mouse.

Therefore, it becomes difficult for a business to classify tablets in any category already present. From a user’s perspective,

  • The website built for mobile look very simple and below par on a tablet.
  • On the other hand, a website designed for PC would be difficult to use on the tablet, where there is finger clicking compared to the mouse clicks used on PC.

Strategy Building:

Besides the classification of tablet, the other major thing to consider while developing a tablet marketing strategy is the consumer behavior. This consumer behavior is very important pertaining to developing a PPC marketing strategy for a tablet. The three major questions you need to ask pertaining to developing the content strategy for tablet are:

  • What kind of content do users browse on tablet?
  • How do the users use it?
  • When do the users use it?

The answer to the first question according to surveys is that, people use tablet primarily for, email, social networking, gaming, and news.

The answer to the second question is that users use tablets for non-serious work. They consider it as an activity, which they undertake in leisure time.

Users use tablet, when they don’t have any other task related to PC, and when they have free time.


In short, to be successful in online marketing in future, developing a tablet based online marketing strategy is necessary.