Summer Clothes and Beauty Tips That Are Timeless

The summer months are coming in quick and fast and it’s time to swap our winter clothing out for our summer pieces. In the past couple of years, it has been pretty unpredictable what we can do in the summer, so the chances are you haven’t really bought any new summer clothes in the past couple of years. It’s only natural to want to feel good and look good all year round, but the summer months are when we ladies shine the most. It’s now time to learn some new tips about how you can look fabulous whilst also being comfortable this summer. In this article we will do just that, we will go through some of the top summer clothes and beauty tips. 

Go For Bright Colours

With the summer getting hotter each year, it is only natural that you want to feel cool and comfortable. Dark colours are the wort for this as they absorb heat as well as the colour not looking overly summery. Sticking to light colours can seriously improve how comfortable and cool you are as bright light colours actually reflect the sun which helps you to stay cooler for longer whilst looking all summery. You could pair a beautiful yellow top with some white culotte pants to ensure you are super comfortable.  

Keep Makeup Neutral

When it is sunny and hot, one of the most uncomfortable things to be doing is putting a load of makeup on.  Some people don’t mind wearing more makeup in the summer, but for those who find it uncomfortable, tone it down by keeping it light. Swapping your makeup for a BB cream is a fantastic way to still have that coverage without having to have anything heavy on your face whilst having an SPF property to protect you from the sun. Pair this with waterproof mascara and your favourite tinted lip balm and you will feel beautiful without the heavy products. For an extra shine, glowy makeup is great for summer. 

Bardot Tops

A great way to keep cool this summer is a Bardot top and dress. Wearing off the shoulder tops and dresses is a great way to make a summery look whilst also feeling calm. If you are not wanting to wear skirts or dresses then you can wear a Bardot top with a pair of jeans and heels which can be used in other seasons too. Whether you have the budget for luxury clothing or have a budget for more affordable pieces, you will find some great options available to buy. They really are a wardrobe staple and you will find more women wearing them this summer. 


Hats have been increasingly popular in recent years and it is easy to see why. There are so many choices available that pair with a lot of summery outfits. If you are going out for a day out and it is hot, then a hat can be more than just a style accessory, it can also help to protect you from the sun. whether this is as simple as a baseball cap or bucket hat to a fedora. If you think hats don’t suit you, it is only because you haven’t found the right type of hat for your style. To get the best-suited hat, you should go to an accessory shop and try on a range of different styled hats so that you can determine what will look good with your outfits. They really do make a beautiful statement for any outfit. 

If you follow these simple steps, then you will definitely feel cooler this summer whilst feeling just as fantastic.