StealthGenie – Now you track every Smartphone inside out!

Many of us wonder as to what a mobile spy application is? Why has it become the hot favorite of millions of smartphone users across the world? How exactly does it benefit us? The simple answer to all these questions is that the cell phone monitoring applications are a great eye-opener. With their exclusive tracking capabilities, these apps have helped a large majority of the users to hear and see the realities that they normally can’t, and uncover the dark sides of their loved ones. Owing to the modern lifestyle, many people have developed the tendency to trick their employers, spouses and/or parents and the most widely used tool to carry out suspicious activities is the “cell phone”. Hence, these monitoring applications are designed to address such concerns of many people around the globe.
Resolve your monitoring issues with StealthGenie
There is a huge range of cell phone tracking applications in the market that help users monitor their targets in a variety of ways. As a mother, I was always concerned about my children’s activities, their location and of course the kind of company they are in. After surveying through the available options, I figured out that my monitoring concerns are easily fixable through StealthGenie. StealthGenie allows you to keep an eye on your target without any hassle. Unlike the other spy applications, StealthGenie is quite affordable and easy to install. People are always afraid of getting detected when it comes to monitoring. No one wants their target to discover that their cell phone activities are being tracked 24/7. Typically, the cell phone spy only perform the following:

  • Call recording
  • Monitoring SMS
  • Keeping a track of incoming and outgoing calls

Smartphones and StealthGenie
However, the advanced features of the various smartphones like BlackBerry, Samsung and HTC enable the users to communicate in several other ways. A large majority of smartphone users interact via Google Talk and BlackBerry messenger. Besides, the youngsters are increasingly fond of browsing the internet and communicating over emails. An ideal spy app is ought to keep a check on all these activities and the presence of the unique features in StealthGenie make it feature-rich for a wide variety of purposes. With StealthGenie you can:

  • Read through each and every Google Talk and BlackBerry Messenger Conversation of your target
  • Listen to their ongoing calls instantly
  • Find out their real-time location via Geo-location tracking
  • Stay updated if your target enters a specific area that you don’t want them to via Geo-Fencing
  • Access their internet browsing history
  • Keep a check on their email correspondence
In my view, StealthGenie is most cost-effective and dynamic mobile tracking app available in the market. But you must always research through the available options before making the final purchase.