Smart Tips To Improve Your Sleep

After a night spent turning and tossing you wake up feeling grumpy and sleepy. As we get older our sleep patterns change, and restless nights and weary mornings can become even more frequent. The truth is that insomnia can become a real problem. A lack of sleep can have serious effects on our health, increasing our propensity for heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Smart Tips To Improve Your Sleep

I have some tips on how to beat sleep deprivation and wake up feeling energized:

Mattress matters

Your mattress and pillow play one of the biggest roles in determining how well and how long you sleep. If your bed is eight years or more older, it is time to replace it. That’s because older mattresses do not provide the support you need for restful sleep. You should replace your pillow once a year too.

Forget the 8 hours sleep rule

According to the experts, 7 hours and slightly more will do the trick. And researchers also found that the risk of dying was greater for those who slept more.

Be consistent

Get up at the same time every morning and go to bed at the same time every night, including Saturday and Sunday too.

Skip the alcohol

A drink may help you fall asleep easier, but you will probably wake up tired and before your normal starting time.

Exercise early in the day

Experts say that you need to exercise at least three hours before you go to bed. And the best time to exercise is in the morning.

Eliminate distractions

Keep your cell phone out of sight and the computer and TV off. The light from these devices can reduce melatonin levels. If you fall asleep quicker with some noise in the background, choose some soothing music.

Rethink naps

If you are really tired, a nap of 10-20 minutes during the day can be very helpful. However, if you take a nap before the dinner, you fill find difficulties to fall asleep at your optimal time.

Identify your magic bullet

If you have a routine you can do before you go to bed that helps you fall asleep, like progressive relaxation, reading, doing crossword puzzles, a hot bath, yoga poses or meditation – follow it consistently.

Here are some extra tips that can improve sleep quality:

  • Declutter your sleeping zone and mind before you go to sleep.
  • Prioritize your pre and post sleep routines as they directly affect the quality of your sleep.
  • Get up earlier than you need to to prepare for your day.
  • Take technology breaks during the day.

A warm rinse under the shower and a cooler sleeping environment will help you sleep well.