Should Your Business Leverage Social Media For Marketing?

If your business hasn’t already adopted social media marketing, there’s no time like the present. Even though social media platforms have their fair share of downsides, there are a ton of powerful reasons why you should use social media marketing within your business. If you’re still on the fence, consider some of the best reasons why you should use it for leverage as you move forward with marketing strategies.

Easy Access

It’s so easy to connect with millions of people by using social media platforms. The key is to know where your audience hangs out the most. The crowd that hangs out on Facebook isn’t necessarily the same crowd that hangs out on TikTok. Once you’re able to get clear about who your target audience is and where they hang out, it’s much more streamlined to create content they’d want to consume. Additionally, you can reach different audiences by creating different content for different platforms. For example, you can target an older audience by creating content the older audience wants to see and then share that content on Facebook. If you want to reach the young mother, then you can create content that would speak to young mothers on Instagram using beautiful photos and short videos. In addition to organically reaching your audience through consistent content creation, you can also use relatively cheap advertising on each platform. Many business owners thrive with the use of ads and paid promotional efforts. If your budget is limited, you can decide how much you’d like to spend in order to test different target markets easily. 

Numbers and Analytics

Numbers and analytics are key when you’re looking to learn which efforts are paying off. When you’re running a business account on a particular social media platform, you’ll be able to see how many people have seen a particular post, which posts are doing well and how your paid promotional efforts are performing. In addition, you can see the basic demographics of who is looking at your content such as age, gender, and sometimes basic income information. You can use this information to adjust your content if it isn’t reaching the right audience as well as recognize what audience is most interested in your content on each platform. As it pertains to most things in business, it’s really a numbers game. When you’re able to learn how much effort, money, and time you’ll need in order to reach a certain number of people, you can practically automate the process and make your sales run on autopilot. Most companies find it challenging to leverage the numbers and analytics to improve their conversion rate or increase their return on their investment, which is where a third party comes in handy. For example, if you want to market your yoga studio to get more people to try your classes then you’d likely benefit from working with a third-party company that specializes in yoga Marketing. In addition to getting more out of your investment, working with a third-party company can help you manage your time a little bit easier so you can focus on the part of your business that you enjoy, such as teaching yoga classes.

Creative Outlet

Creating interesting and engaging content isn’t necessarily the easiest task. However, it can be extremely fulfilling, rewarding, and inspiring. Get creative with the ways you learn how to make your posts eye-catching and unique. As you catch new eyeballs, stand out from the competition and maintain a high level of consistency, it’s pretty common for more followers and customers to fall in line. One recommendation that is shared a lot is to review what is working for other businesses in your same industry. If there are a lot of flat-lay images on Pinterest that is getting pinned to a lot of different boards in your industry, then it might be a good idea to also create flat-lay images that have the mood and design aesthetic of your brand on Pinterest as well. You can also take inspiration from other industries to create something new in your space as well. However, when taking inspiration from other industries, consider what audience that type of content reaches. If it matches your audience, then try it out with a few different posts.

Authentic Connections

When it’s time to drop a new product line or share news about the company, you’ll want to feel as though you’re sharing a juicy secret with a good friend. It feels exclusive and interesting when you’re connecting and sharing with genuine fans of the company. Build a tribe on social media platforms by responding and liking comments, asking questions, and conversing through live broadcasts. This can be done on both your company’s social media accounts when fans comment on your posts as well as on other brands’ pages. For example, if another company that is reaching the same target audience provides insight into something about your industry, you can comment about your experience in the industry and share additional value. When doing this, however, it is ideal to keep the focus on providing value. Don’t encourage people to look at your page as that can take away from the other creators and typically frustrates customers as well.

If you’re afraid of becoming addicted to social media platforms, the key is to utilize discipline. When any tool is used improperly, it can have destructive results. However, when you use social media platforms in the appropriate context, they can lead to massive growth and profits for your company. As you keep this in mind and consider the listed reasons, it’ll be much easier to make a sound decision as you move forward in reaching your company’s marketing goals.