Several Smart Wine Storage Ideas

Thousands and thousands of lines have been written about the benefits of wine drinking. The nectar of the gods is one of the most frequent ones used to sum all of its positive effect and to emphasize the nobility of wine consummation. Luckily, the days when enjoyment of quality wines was reserved mostly to rich people, largely due to them owning wine cellars-the only suitable means of storage that preserved the quality of wine, are long over. Nowadays, there is a multitude of wine storage solutions. Let us explore a couple of smart ideas.

Cabinet Wine Storage

Kitchen cabinets of all sizes can be easily turned into wine storage facilities. The key for this transformation is to insert an X shaped shelf into the available space of a kitchen cabinet. Not only will you get four separate storage compartments where you could group different brands or types of wine, the attractive appeal of these shelves will contribute to the overall kitchen design. Naturally, make sure you follow one of the basics of storing wine and avoid those cabinets that are exposed directly to sunlight.

A Wine Cupboard

If you happen to own a larger wine collection, a kitchen cabinet simply will not do. The next best thing is making use of an old cupboard and turning it into a wine storage unit. Naturally, the number of bottles you will be able to store depends on the size of the cupboard and you should choose accordingly, unless you plan to expand your selection soon. You could install the aforementioned X shaped shelves or install wine racks. Closed cupboard door will protect the bottles from sunlight and if the wood is thick enough the temperature within will be stable and suitable for wine storage. You can also incorporate this type of cupboard when designing a cocktail bar.

Several Smart Wine Storage Ideas 

Horizontal Rack

Horizontal wall mountable racks are a very convenient way to store wine bottles. They can be used on practically any wall as long as it is located in the shaded part of the house. They come in various sizes and shapes and you will easily find a proper model for your wine collection. However, considering the wine storage temperature facts, these horizontal racks are more suitable for red wines, especially those that can be stored in room temperature.

Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are a great way of providing a suitable home for any wine collection. Firstly, they come in various sizes and a suitable one is available for all room sizes. Secondly, there are models that come with a zoned temperature control. What this means is that you will be able to store all of your selected wine specials, both those that require lower and higher storage temperature. Lastly, there are models that offer humidity control as well, which is required with particularly sensitive types of wine.

Several Smart Wine Storage Ideas

Basement, Attic, Garage

Any of these three spaces in the house can be conveniently used for wine storage. The only imperative is that there are no major temperature fluctuations and changes in air humidity during the entire year. All of the above mentioned storage solutions can find home in an unused space of your basement, attic or a garage. It will take some rearrangement but it will be worthwhile since they will provide new dynamics to these rooms and completely change the atmosphere.

Several Smart Wine Storage Ideas

These ideas range from very affordable ones, such as cabinet storage is, to possibly rather expensive ones in the likes of advanced wine coolers. Your only guideline is your wine selection. However, do plan ahead and count on the fact that your collection will grow in numbers, a fact that all keen wine connoisseur must admit to themselves.