Set Your Home Ablaze With Something Cool

Shabby chic is on trend and you want to celebrate being home by turning your living space into splendor fit for a king and queen.

What exactly is shabby chic?

Shabby is antiquing a new door. Chic is turning that door into a coffee table. Revive and repurpose are the mottos of shabby chic style.

Back story

Shabby chic is a style of interior design derived from the 18th century Rococo period in France, when fastidious rules were replaced by frilly freedom. The Rococo style was about breaking the rules, and when it was rediscovered in the 1980’s this rebel style spoke loud and clear. Shabby chic takes the old, the quirky and the funky and puts it centre stage.

Don’t overdo

Shabby chic furniture is loud, it’s bold, and it sends a clear message to the beholder: I am luxurious, I am royalty. When theming living spaces into shabby chic masterpieces, you’ll want to keep a balance. Rococo style was lighthearted, so keep things light and free. The best way to achieve this is by keeping the space bright. Take advantage of natural, available light. There’s no need to fill the room with furniture, a little of the right thing goes a long way. Also, be careful to not clutter your space with dark colors.

Colour correctly

Go white where you can, choose pastels if you’re just dying to spruce your walls up with a splash of colour. Soft colours suit shabby chic. Don’t be shy when choosing that bold black bed frame, lavender will soften the mood while mirrored furniture can make the room feel bigger.

Dream big and decorate your home accordingly. With the ornate stylings of fancy frills on the rise you can’t go wrong choosing a style fit for a fairy tale.

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