SEO: Are You Doing Off-Page Right?

The on-page SEO consists of various factors but it might not cost you much however, on other hand off-page SEO is time consuming and expensive too. So, here would discuss what are the methods for off-page optimization and are you doing them right?

There is one technique called as link baiting in which you get link by adding interesting and useful news on the site. One of the most effective methods of search engine optimization, and another is linking Exchange. Work on the external optimization is as follows: you find sites of similar subjects and write their owners with a proposal to exchange links or articles. Contest, promotion, bonus, it’s a great way to get natural links to your site – visitors interested in your offer, they will share the news with your friends, write about the competition in blogs, forums, and therefore your site will have many new links. Useful content, place on your website really useful information that people eventually will recommend to friends and acquaintances, which in turn will lead to the appearance of natural links for the site. It can be an interesting article, video, flash game and many other things that interested users.

SEO: Are You Doing Off-Page Right?

External or off page optimization (SEO) also depends on such seemingly small things like text links, or anchor list. First, the text for each link should be unique. Should not use only straight anchor, keywords can be thinned using words-names in the region (city, country), the words with less weight (price, website, internet, etc.) and restatements. Keys can include direct and morphological entry (using affixes, declination numbers). Also, work on the outer site optimization and include the use of so-called natural links when Encore does not contain the keyword, and includes words like “here”, “here”, “there” or simply a URL address of the site. But the percentage of such links is small, about 3-5% of the reference mass. Text or anchor or taken from the statistics of search queries or thought out. You can use the services with automatic generation of anchors. In any case, the text should give the link, be literate, the process of link building is carried out gradually and evenly, can’t be simultaneously buy 100 links to resources, especially if it is new. You can post links about 10-50 per week, gradually increasing this number over the next months. Otherwise, the crawler will perceive this growth explosion as a reference and can apply appropriate sanctions to the site. If you do everything right, then the optimization will have the effect of 2-4 weeks after the start of work. How many links you need? It depends on a variety of parameters and, above all, on the subject of your site.

So better you go with the safer strategy or risk free methods, even if you are going with risky methods just take care of number of links you are making on the regular basis and if you want to do it hassle-free then choose the SEO Services in Kerala.

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