Samsung Note 9 | The Most Awaited Phone Of 2018

New leaks are painting the picture of the soon to be launched Galaxy S9. The S9 which will see light in February has a lot of features in a quiver of arrows.

Being a flagship, most of the features will be polished enough to be a better flagship than being the device that has it all. But there’s another device in the works which will be the next big thing, has much-polished features, a refreshed design, rumored to have a new camera, the Samsung Note 9, without being an explosive device this time around.

Note 9 might be the second “big” device of the year, but it has a lot of the features polished, might even replace what all the cons of the Galaxy S9 will be.

Let’s talk specs first. The Samsung Note 9 will have been dominating the phablet market for so long that it is sure to come with top-notch specs. An octa-core might silicone might not sound much in 2017 or 2018, but a new Qualcomm architecture promises better performance, the fluid experience overall, an Exynos variant will also be in the works for the International market.

Samsung Note 9 | The Most Awaited Phone Of 2018

This new SoC will be paired with a 6GB or 8GB variant depending on the variant you choose, storage options starting from 64GB all the way to 256GB. That storage will be more than enough to well, “store” all the pixels you are going to shoot with a dual 16 Megapixel camera, one with 28mm lens and the other one, a 50mm both coming with f/1.7 aperture and OIS. For selfies, you get a 12 Megapixel camera with the same aperture, f/1.7, and OIS.

And you can view all those photos on the Samsung Note 9’s 6.3 inch OLED panel which will now be completely curved for an edgeless experience. The screen will be 2K following the same stretched aspect ratio of the devices before, 18.5:9. All of this will be running on a new and improved battery promising better lifetime and overall performance, also thanks in part to the latest version of Android.

There’s one catch though, Galaxy Note 9 release date – Samsung release schedule pushes the Galaxy Note 9 to September 2018 which will be a wait, but time flies by when such a big thing is about to happen.