Roller Shutter Garage Doors: Are They Worth The Money?

Choosing the right garage door could make a huge difference to the appearance and value of your house. Many realtors and estate agents have talked about selecting the right garage doors. The right garage door also offers protection and security to your place. There are many types of garage doors that you can buy. Some of the most common types of garage doors include swing-out garage doors, swing-up garage doors, sideways slider doors and roller shutter garage doors.

As the name suggests, swing-out garage doors open outwards. They are set on a pair of hinges on either side, and when the button is pressed, swing out from the centre. There’s a proper mechanical system in place in order to support the hinges. People often select automatic garage doors. All you need to do is press a button on a remote and the garage door will swing out automatically for you. Once you are parked safely inside, press the button on the remote and the mechanical hinges will shut the door for you. You will hear the faint click as the lock falls into place.

Another option is the slider garage door. You may have seen such garage doors in large mansions that have massive garages. Slider garage doors are more expensive than ordinary ones. The slider door is fixed on a rolling mechanism that moves the door sideways. However, the average homeowner doesn’t live in a mansion. They have garages that can only store one or two cars at most. There’s no point in paying a lot of money for slider doors.

Swing-up garage doors have gained moderate popularity amongst homeowners. The hinges for swing-up garage doors are installed right at the top of the door opening. A counterweight is installed on the sides, along with a lever to lift the gates up whenever a button is pressed.

While swing-up garage doors are quite popular, there are certain problems that you may have to attend to. For instance, the garage door might not open properly. In many cases, the garage door may get stuck halfway while opening. You will have to get out of your car and give it a little nudge in order to get it moving on. Swing-up garage doors are generally supported by pistons on either side, to lift the door or bring it down. If the gas in the pistons leaks, the door will not be able to support its weight, and you will need to call the repair service to replace the pistons.

One of the best options available to you is to opt for roller shutter garage doors. Roller shutter garage doors are popular for many reasons. They do not cause any major problems and are widely regarded as one of the neatest solutions in the market. There’s no internal tracking option, and the garage door just goes upwards every time you open it. Here are just some of the many benefits that roller shutter garage doors offer as compared to other types of garage doors.


One of the biggest benefits that roller shutter doors have over other types of garage doors is the fact that they are more affordable. You could buy garage roller shutter doors from Autorolls own factory and save a great deal of money. The company has built a reputation for providing reliable, good quality garage doors with an extended warranty. Roller shutter doors are highly affordable, and if you buy from a reputable place, you will also get an extended warranty.

Operating Mechanism

The roller shutter garage door is fitted on the inside of the garage’s opening. The shutter itself is made from corrugated steel that’s made from interlocked slats. When you press the button, the steel slats roll up vertically into a barrel and rest in a coiled position at the top. Even though roller shutter doors are most commonly made using corrugated steel, there are certain companies that offer transparent corrugated fibreglass options as well.

Compact Solution

Perhaps one of the main reasons why so many people prefer buying roller shutter doors is because they are a compact solution. Sliding doors generally take up a considerable portion of the wall. On the other hand, swing-out garage doors open outwards, so you have to stop your vehicle at a considerable distance and wait for the door to open. However, roller shutter doors just open upwards on a vertical plane. The interlocking slats generally rest in a small barrel. Just press the button and the garage door will lift upwards, making it easy for you to bring out the car without creating an issue. This reduces the need for you to build a longer driveway.

Better Performance

Roller shutter garage doors perform much better than ordinary garage doors. The garage door is made from corrugated sheets, which offer greater resilience and strength. In case of an impact, the corrugated sheets offer greater impact resistance. The strength of the shutter, as well as the impact resistance, makes it an excellent choice for people who want additional security.

Weather Proof

As compared to swing-up doors, roller shutter doors do not allow any external weather elements, such as rain or snow, to enter your garage. The shutter door has a seal around it and at the bottom that also prevents dust from entering the garage door. Weatherproofing is essential if you want to keep dust and pests out of your garage.

Roller shutter garage doors are a highly versatile option for people who want a long term solution for their garage security. All you need to do is get the door inspected at least once a year. The company will send over a representative to inspect the mechanism and lubricate it properly so that the door works without causing any issue whatsoever. All in all, roller shutter garage doors are the perfect choice for most homeowners.