Renovation Malaysia: Few Tips For Finding Reliable Contractor

For many homeowners, the most difficult part was not the renovation projects itself, but the process in choosing the suitable contractor for their renovation projects. Most of the homeowner struggle finding a suitable contractor that could work on their project well. Here some tips for you to look for correct contractor for renovation in Malaysia.

Know exactly what you want and need in your renovation works

Before meet up with the contractor, be sure that you have a details plan in your hand that list down what you want and need for your renovation. Be specific to every details, for example, you want to renovate your kitchen, what would you need for your tiles, table top, kitchen hood and more. Take consideration of every single details that you might thinking of. List down their price and where could you get them if possible. These could prevent you from overpaying from some unknown cost apply by certain bad contractors in marking up the price of the material.

Ask people around you for contractor references

Try to ask few of your friends, co-workers or neighbor for contractor references who have done similar project before. If you have some contact within the building trades, ask them for some recommendation, they might provide you some useful information.

Renovation Malaysia: Few Tips For Finding Reliable Contractor

Meet up few contractors

Compare apple to apple, sent quotation list which include all material needed, tasks and timeframe for each task. Be specify about your renovation project and sent them exactly the same quotation for the contractors that you might pick up. Try to ask the contractor some question or request for similar project portfolio like your project. Don’t afraid or hesitate to ask them for the quotation or negotiation with them, you and the contractor need to get into the same page and reach agreement before you could start the project.

Working Scope and Timeframe

Ask the contractor for the renovation work include such as electrical, plumbing work include which might cause more cost and ask them for timeframe that they might need for the renovation. In many case, many homeowner might want to complete the work before the New Year, but ended up having half done work when it comes to New Year. Be specific to the date to avoid any misunderstanding.

Choose the right contractor for your project

Someone who is good at installing tiles is not necessary to be good at installing wooden tiles. You need to find a company that work routinely on the similar project that is same as yours to ensure quality of works.

Check the licenses of the contractor

Check the licenses of the contractor before you start the renovation work, especially electrical and plumbing work contractor, if you were that unlucky to hire an unskilled labor for you electrical or plumbing work, you might end up with costing you more to fix their work. For example, you found that your wall is getting wet in certain place, the pipe is leaking and causing your wall to be wet, you need to knock down the wall, fix the pipe, build the wall again, paint them or put back your wallpaper.

Check with homeowner.

Talk to homeowner who work with the contractor previously, ask them about the contractor work, responsibility and working attitude. Because they have the most experience working with the contractor, if they are not happy with the contractor, they will tell you all about that and so you could stay away from using bad services contractor.

Check online review, but don’t fully rely on that.

Find some site that you can look for contractor review such as Facebook and Google plus, or to make sure the contractor will be the right person for your renovation project or interior design work. Bear in mind that review are not a substitution to check for contractor qualification on your project.

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