Removing The Dangerous Stumps

Even after removing the dead and decaying unwanted trees from your backyard, you are left, with the task to remove the unwanted stump. They are a hazard in your backyard. People/livestock can trip over them, and hurt themselves in the dark. They present a hurdle when you are trying to mow around them. Also, they are completely useless, giving an ugly look to your landscape.

There are numerous ways to remove, these hard to dislocate stumps from their original place. However, the method you adopt to remove these stumps, varies greatly. In this article, we will discuss top 3 methods, which most of the professional stump removing botanist apply.

Dig out the Stump

This is the most basic technique, like the title suggests all you need to do, is dug out the stump from the ground using a mattock. For that, you need to dig a deep hole around the stump and pull out the taproot. The size of the taproot depends upon the age and type of the tree it belongs. In very rare cases, you will be able to cut or pull out the taproot completely. For a full grown tree with a huge stump, you will have to cut the taproot away from the stump using an axe. Once you detach the taproot from the stump, you will be able to pull out the stump with ease. After that just fill the hole left behind with soil. Without any access to oxygen from the ground above, the remaining root will die and decompose in the soil. Overtime, the decomposed taproot works as manure for other vegetation in the area.

Use Chemicals to Decompose the Stump

As the title suggests, you can use chemicals that accelerate the process of decomposition of the stump. Unlike the above-stated option, this technique can be used to remove multiple stumps at a time. There are numerous types of chemicals that can be used to remove stumps. These chemicals contain high quantity of Nitrogen, and are readily available in your nearby stores. Depending upon the type of stump, it takes 5-7 years to decompose completely. The con of using chemicals to remove stumps is not just the time factor, but if you use excess chemicals, it can harm the nearby vegetation as well. If the chemical used to decompose, is sprinkled less than what is required, it will work as a manure for the tree stump. So, in order to use chemicals to speed up the decomposition process of a tree stump, you need to be very careful and precise.

Grind Away the Stump

It is the fastest and easiest way to remove a stump  from your landscape. They are two ways to proceed if you intend to use this particular method for stump removal. You can either buy/rent a stump removal. You will be able to transform an ugly stump, into a pile of woodchips with a matter of 10 minutes per stump. There are numerous stump grinders available in the market with varying RPM and the material used to grind the stump. All you need to do is just switch on the machine and pivot it from one side of the stump to another.

The other way is to call a profession, stump removal company. Then it does not matter how many stump are there; within a day or two, you will find a plane surface instead of a land with numerous stumps.