Rediscover The Self At An Anthony Hamilton Tour 2017

Life has to offer a million colorful and interesting things for everyone to relish and rejoice in. On the other hand, one of the most powerful gifts mankind has been endowed with is that of the voice. Now, there are people who can sing beautifully while there are others who would simply prefer to listen on. Music in itself has the power to invoke feelings and emotions that can help everyone rediscover themselves.

Treasure every moment

Even though you might be musically inclined, it does not imply that you have to sing to prove it. So, even if you are the quiet type, there are some who can sing so that you can listen. Don’t enjoy being vocal? Let someone else do all the singing while you sit back and meditate over things. So, are you prepared to go to one of the  Anthony Hamilton tour and savor every single moment of joy that comes to you? As the words reverberate all around you, let them surround your thoughts and change them to make you experience happiness over again. The rapture that the modification in thoughts brings you is so powerful that you would be moved by the same. So, get ready to treasure each moment as it comes by and learn the lessons that life has to offer.


Live your new identity

Music has the power to let you live a new life. The transformation is almost instantaneous and you would feel like some random stranger knows you inside out. The idiosyncrasies, pet peeves, preferences, and philosophies that you have had so far would seem powerless before the words that fleet in front of you. In fact, you would begin living your new identity once you have tasted the power of music. While the self isn’t always free of the ego that prevents one from living life queen size, it can be taught to shed the same. Know that love doesn’t exist where the ego does. So, acquaint yourself with your inner self and get started on a journey that would transform you with the power of music.

Remember who you are

Everyone is a part of a super soul that has learned to shed its ego. Now, if you wish to transform yourself and drop the pride, it isn’t going to be easy but it isn’t unimaginable. The music that you listen to can help you remember who you truly are! Since every word strikes a chord with someone or the other, it can give you an insight into your true nature. In turn, it will help you realize your dreams. As the people around you sway to the music gently, you know that you are not alone. In fact, there are many who would like to change their attitude for the better. Just don’t look back at the times gone by though because that can undo everything you have just done to be able to move on in life. So, are you ready to recall the past but live in the now?