Red Flags To Recognize When Dealing With A Toronto Plumbing Company

When you are faces with a real plumbing emergency, it’s easy to just employ any plumbing company to save you from your situation. The bad news is that not all of these companies are reputable. Some can take full advantage of your situation and charge you for things you don’t really need, or services which were never really performed. This is why it is safest to get in touch with a Toronto plumbing company before the real emergencies happen. You can call them up when a small problem arises just to see if you can spot these red flags. If you can, it’s time to take them off your list.

Plumbers without contracts: A sure way for plumbers to overcharge their customers is if they do not provide you with a clear contract. This can be indicative of their shady, unprofessional background. The mere fact that they can’t provide you with a set of commitments you can check against, and a limit or terms to how much and how they are to be paid is suspicious. Stay away from plumbers who do not put things in black and white. This can mean your repair cost would blow all out of proportion, or that there is an unlimited amount of time the plumber would be working on your drain and plumbing problem.

Plumbers who charge too much upfront: Always be suspicious of plumbers who are charging you for the whole work when they have yet to provide you with the plumbing services. They can leave the job half done and run away with your money. They can always make claims that they did finish the job and your complaint is a new problem which deserves another set of payments. It is best for you to hire plumbers who either charge by the hour but commit to a strict timeline, or plumbers who only ask for payment after every milestone. The milestone system is the best because it motivates the plumber to work efficiently on your pipeline problem.

Plumbers who can’t provide video footage of big sewer jobs: Some plumbers may charge less for their work, but that is only because they don’t have the right tools for big plumbing jobs.

These jobs include tree root blockages on the main pipeline, or multiple clogged fixtures. You will need a plumber who has an auger with a camera for these jobs. Avoid small time plumbers who don’t have this tool when you live in an old neighborhood and you suspect your pipes are going to need major repair soon. Hiring small time plumbers could mean you will end up with a lot of unsightly “dig sites” and that’s not something you want to see in your home.

What to look for. What you really need is a plumbing Toronto company who can give you work from licensed professionals and provide you now just with a clear cut contract, but also reasonable prices and high end tools for the job. Not all plumbing companies can give you all three, and you might be on the verge of giving up on the search as you read this line.

Feel like a plumbing company is ripping you off? Don’t give up just yet give us a call and we will provide an honest,effective and good plumbing service.