Premature Hair Loss And What To Do About It

Premature hair loss most commonly affects men. Whilst many men have no problem with losing their hair, to others it can be a big problem causing lowered self esteem and even depression.
What Is The Extent Of The Problem?
95% of those losing hair prematurely are men and up to 6.5 million men in the UK suffer from some degree of hair loss. It usually manifests itself as a receding hairline, a thinning crown or both. This hair loss, known as male pattern baldness, may start as early as the mid teens. Early hair loss tends to run in families. Women losing their hair early will usually experience a more general thinning of the hair without a receding hairline and this is less likely to result in baldness.
What Are The Options?
Many sufferers do nothing about their hair loss and are able to live with no problems or concerns. However, there are those who find their early hair loss to have a major impact on their confidence and feelings of well being and who would like to receive some sort of treatment to restore their hair. There are specialist clinics that will discuss various options and carry out techniques on their premises. If considering a hair transplant, It should be possible to find somewhere close to home; for those living in the North West the first step could be to contact a clinic which will perform hair transplants in Manchester. It is important to ask questions to get as much information and understanding as possible in order to make a decision about whether to proceed.
Wearing a wig is one solution to this problem and over the years the quality of the wigs has improved. Both synthetic and real hair wigs are available. However, a more permanent solution can be found in having a hair transplant. It is estimated that about 50,000 men undergo this surgery in the UK each year. It is important to research the clinic before choosing to proceed as many men have spent much time and money in pursuing a new head of hair without achieving their desired results.
Hair transplanting involves replacing hair follicles in the bald area with follicles taken from where hair is abundant, which is usually to the back and side of the head. It can be done in one of two ways. Either a thin layer of skin including hair follicles is removed and transplanted into the balding area. This is known as strip harvesting. Alternatively, hair follicles are removed individually. A local anaesthetic is used during the procedure and the person is able to go home on the same day. Clinics will also offer treatment to women who are suffering from premature balding and some clinics offer eyebrow and eyelash transplants as well.
As better known men in the public eye such as sportsmen and film stars talk about their premature balding and about their hair transplants, this technique will become more acceptable. Both men and women may feel encouraged to enquire about what options are open to them.
Idania writes article for blogs and websites on a range of men’s cosmetic and fashion themes. She keeps up-to-date with trends in these areas including hair transplants in Manchester.