Plastic Surgery – Types and Procedures

With the ever increasing urge to look beautiful and perfect, the concept of plastic and cosmetic surgery has increased popularity with a rising graph. More than half the fraction of the people is looking out for options to gel in with cosmetic surgeries. In fact, the complete medical history has revamped itself with the sudden wave of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Let’s delve a little bit to dig in as to what is really plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a medical technique, which is used to restore back skin disruptions back to normal form. Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery but deals only with upper appearance. The best plastic surgeon in Kolkata can help to achieve both of these with ease. Both forms include heavy surgical processes, which are applied to the dermal layer of the skin to restore back the skin appearance.

Plastic Surgery – Types and Procedures

Advent of this technology has revolutionized the medical science by leaps and bounds. Some of the basic requirements of plastic surgery are study of the targeted area, careful incision at proper places to ensure that the fold lines are in line with the natural lines of the face. Material and suture closure are two other aspects, which need to be carefully examined. After all these basic procedures are adhered to, one can plan to graft the skin, which is an important technique in plastic surgery. Some of the popular forms of skin grafts are as follows:

  • Autografts– In this type of grafting, the tissues are taken from the recipients. In the case, the recipient tissues of the skin are not available, they can be cultured in vitro synthetic style to procure sufficient amount of tissues so that grafting can be easily done.
  • Allografts- This is another famous technique in which the tissues are taken from the donor, which belongs to the same species as that of the recipient.
  • Xenografts– Though a rare case yet sometimes essential, skin tissues are taken from the donor of some other species for the purpose of grafting.

Apart from the grafting techniques, another useful procedure is the reconstructive surgery, which is used for treatment of functional impairment. Scar repair or tumor removal is the most common segments of the reconstructive surgery. In addition, breast reduction and contracture surgery for curing up burns are also quite useful. Basically, tissues are grown in the affected parts to grow up more tissues that can be used to cover up the targeted area giving it an entirely different look.

Plastic surgery can be very helpful for those, who want to repair old time scar, wounds, remove tumors, and indulge in breast transplant and other kinds of skin impairments. Though it involves complicated procedures, the result is simply amazing. Not only does it help to improve the look, but also increases the overall confidence level of the patient. Usually, one or two sittings are required, which usually depends upon case to case to get the desired outcomes.

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