Planter Guide – Learn About The Different Types Of Planters

Variety of herbs, colorful flowers and foliage plants makes the garden look interesting and beautiful. In areas where the soil is of poor quality or infertile, these amazing planters serve as manageable fertile oases.

In this article, we will tell you different varieties of garden pots to help you choose the right one for your requirement.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are made with the help of wood, plastic, iron and metal. These boxes convert wasted land space into gardening space. Care should be taken while mounting the pot. These boxes must be hanged below the window so that it can be easily watered.


Common examples of porous pots are terra cotta and concrete. These types of garden pots absorb the excess amount of moisture in the soil. It is most suitable in regions that witness heavy rains. They can easily break than other types of pots. These are the cheapest pots as compared to others.

The best part of these pots is that they offer insulation to the roots of the plant against drastic temperature changes. Due to their porous nature, they can break due to the expansion of water at below freezing temperature. If you are looking for a pot that goes perfect for an indoor year around use, then this can be the right one for you.


Non-porous garden pots are generally made from metal, plastic and stone. Pots of this type do not wick water out of the soil. Due to this reason, one should not overwater them. The material used in making these containers is dark in color, so they heat up instantly when kept under bright sunlight.

This heat goes into the soil and makes it hot. As there are several insects present in the soil, they get killed due to the enormous heat. The good side is that these non-porous pots are quite durable and lasts long. They can bear extreme temperature changes without becoming brittle. Keeping them in a region devoid of sunlight is the ideal way to use them.

Ceramic Pots

These pots are available in bold and vibrant colors. They have got a nice lustrous finish. Planting these spectacularly designed pots accentuate the beauty of your home as well. Ceramic pots are available in different colors and patterns that provide customers with a wide range of choices. Some of the different shapes of these pots are circular, square, oblong or in animal structure.

These pots are perfect in those areas which are affected with heavy freezes. These pots can crack with the drastic changes in temperature. That’s why to prevent these conditions from happening one has to bring them indoors. One is required to water these pots at small intervals of time.

With the numerous types of pots available in the market, finding the appropriate one that suits your needs can be a tricky task. Each type of garden container has its own share of advantages and disadvantages, so proper evaluation of their differences and how well they meet your requirements would make an efficient decision.