Online Education and Its Pros and Cons

actually could step into a life where they no longer aren’t the masters of their own souls or captains of their own fate. It takes a lot of time for people to finally let go of all the tensions and worries that come as an unwanted accessory with academia. Everyday getting up and going to the school when the sun is being very cruel and the bus driver is being late is just a menace for the poor souls that we are at that time. We grow up and it’s college; most of the times you have to leave the place you called home and go to live at the campus for the next 3-4 years and it becomes so hard to adapt for most of the people. In short, academic life sucks out all the juice from within the marrow of students and once we step into the professional life, what’s left of us is sucked there. Online education has introduced itself as something that could be considered as a substitute. It’s still very early to say, but people are speculating that in no time we could be living in a generation that doesn’t go to school and studies completely virtually online.As everything that exists has pros as well as cons, this new proposed system does too. Formal education has been around for so many years that we can’t just throw it away without considering the things that it has taught us over the years. Let’s discuss this in a more organized manner.

Online Education and Its Pros and Cons

Formal Education Pros:

Formal education is considered very vital for every child. Without going to a school, you can never learn the merits and ethics that are missing in online classes. Also schools instill in us a sense of discipline and patience that can’t be guaranteed online.

Formal Education Cons:

When the technology is available for us and when students can get all the education they need online then why shouldn’t they? Apart from this argument, there is nothing much against formal education.

Online Education Pros:

There are a lot of talking points when we talk about online education. A few years back we didn’t even know what “online” was, but since the arrival of the internet, we want everything to be done from the comfort of our sofas in our bedrooms. This way, a lot of different things can be done in a lot lesser time. Students can take as many courses as they like and devote attention whenever they can. Also, it enables the student to miss a lecture and still be able to catch up.


We can’t really say that this format of education is free of errors. It’s new for starters and it should be given a little more time if it’s to be accepted. Students will become lazy and they will just resort to finding the best assignment service whenever homework is due which is not the ideal way of doing things.

To summarize, we can say that whilst both ideas have their pros and cons, formal education still is the way to go for us.

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