Now Build e-Commerce Stores On Magento With Ease Using Magento Extensions

Being an open source platform, Magento provides its users – the merchants with the control and flexibility over the content, layout and functionality of the e-commerce store. Apart from the varied range of out of the box features, Magento comes with extensions, which can be used for added functionality. Moreover, they speed up the development process and makes things simpler.


Magento extensions work their way out to extend the features of Magento in such a way that the merchants can have a customized store that meets their individual requirements. You can find paid as well as free extensions here. They come with some outstanding benefits to ease the work of merchants like:

Speeds up development All the Magento extensions defines a functionality and are tested properly. So you can simply take the extension and add it to your store during the development phase. This saves you time to build the functionality from the scratch and test to make sure that it fits well in your store.

Improved functionality Mostly the default Magento functionality may not meet the business requirement and provide you with the feature you are expecting. So better first go through the extensions and see whether the extension provides the functionality or not. If the extension you found is right, you can easily make use of it in your store without any technical help. If you are very much new to Magento platform, then it is recommended to hire Magento developer to get the task done.

Save time & money You can easily find the Magento extensions from the third party vendors. Some are absolutely free, while you need to pay a small amount for others. So this ultimately saves you time and money.

Easy to implement You can get to the extensions by connecting to the platform of Magento Connect from the store admin panel. You can find and download the extensions and finally install that too without any technical help.

Support The developers who develop such extensions provides support to the merchants to customize and use them.

You can easily understand the importance of Magento extension development from a sample e-commerce store. Suppose that there is a florist, who decides to increase the sales of her store by going online. For this, she takes the help of Magento platform. So she can make use of these extensions and develop her store in less time that too by spending less.

  1. The store can classify bouquets based on the number and variety of flowers. To reach each bouquet, an extension can be included to create landing pages. It will contain information like the number of flowers, type of flowers, price, colour, etc.

  1. Now each image can be enlarged and opened in a different box using an extension. This will help buyers to get a better idea of the product.

  1. It is possible to get the exact location of the florist by making use of Google maps store locator extension.

  1. Can send regular email alerts to customers through an extension for follow ups.

  1. An extension can be used to display daily and special offers.

  1. Another extension can be used to edit orders, change the colour of the flowers in the image as well as to refer the store to a friend.

In short, you will be able to set up a store within no time by making use of extensions from the third party vendors along with Magento features. So if you are having a online business, you can easily expand your customer base within less time and less effort using Magento extensions.