New Gadgets To Tempt You In 2015

We use gadgets for entertainment, communication, information and tracking our health and energy use. Admittedly, we could probably survive without many of them, but life would be so boring that it is almost a nightmare to imagine an existence without gadgets.

New Gadgets To Tempt You In 2015

Our love affair with gadgets is short-lived, however. Once a new model comes along, it’s almost impossible to resist. We dream about that new object, usually a new phone, until it is in our pockets, and then we think of the next model. Here are some temptations due to be unveiled in 2015.

Intelligent Thermostat

This is not an oxymoron. We all have thermostats attached to heating-system boilers, fridges and ovens. Their problem is that they only control the temperature in the space where they are installed. The intelligent thermostat  can control temperatures throughout the house. It uses temperature sensors that are set throughout the house and acts as a central control to manage the temperature in any room. The sensors can respond to human or animal occupancy of any one room, the activity within it and changing weather patterns. It will adjust automatically, so contributes to saving energy. All of these patterns can be adjusted using a special mobile app.

Smart Coffee Machine

This is the electronic wizard’s version of the old Teasmaid but for the lazy coffee connoisseur. Once your phone’s alarm wakes you up, you can use special apps to choose the strength of your brew and the number of cups of coffee you would like from the comfort of your bed. This gadget will even keep the coffee warm for 20 minutes in case you fall asleep again. The smart coffee machine makes up to 12 cups at a time.

Electronic Under-Shoes

Use a pair of motorized wheels to travel at up to seven miles per hour without the problem of hauling a bike or a scooter around with you. These gadgets fit under shoes and enable the wearer to walk much faster than normal without the danger of knocking over other pedestrians. They work like a travelator at an airport or railway station and give the wearer the same sensation. If they seize up, just like those travelators at airports, you could call to do some software testing and put them back to use.

Self-Watering Plant Pot

Keep your plants watered for up to three weeks by placing them in a ceramic pot with its own water reservoir. Four spouts direct water to the plant’s roots. It comes with a smart device that will monitor the soil fertility, moisture, temperature and surrounding brightness. There is an app that reminds you when the plant needs more water or fertiliser.

Food Printer

3D printing comes to the kitchen to create any number of shapes from everyday food. This machine has a touch-screen display that enables you to choose a design, or you can use a design from the internet via a USB drive port or even upload your own inventions. It uses the same software as a regular 3D printer.