Negative Effects Of Poor Posture and Posture Braces

It has been taught to people from early childhood about how important a good posture is. Not only does good posture make individuals look better and self confident, but also is healthy for the body. People with good posture are not prone to bulging stomach and humps in their back and also look more appealing. Now, the thing about posture is that it is developed from the daily habits of individuals and any repetitive action can become a habit and therefore most people have bad posture owing to their occupation. For example, office workers, truck drivers, car drivers and people who have to sit throughout a long part of the day. Not only are these individuals prone to bad posture but also some severe disorders related to it, like back pain, neck pain, scoliosis etc. This is where the use of posture brace for women, men and children come into scene.

Negative Effects Of Poor Posture and Posture Braces

Ways in which Bad Posture Affects Body and Mind

Poor posture is a fairly new but really damaging problem in the first world which most people do not even realize. Bad posture has been causing more mental as well as physical health complications than imaginable. The human body is prepared and designed for movement and not for sitting for several hours without enough movement. With time, sitting all the time becomes a bad habit, and this bad habit causes fatigue, pain, headaches and depression.

  • Slouching and poor posture tend to cause bad mood. A slouching posture of an individual prevents him/her to work optimally. Inability to produce optimal output causes individuals to have poor mood.
  • Sitting for an extended time period or slouching causes the internal body processes to slow down and hence causing energy levels to decrease. This makes individuals irritable, aggravated or tired.
  • Poor posture causes the body to compress and constrict, thereby, making the lungs and heart work harder to circulate oxygen and pump blood. This causes a lot of stress on the internal organs and muscles.
  • Not only does sitting or slouching compresses and constricts heart and lungs but also the intestines and stomach; thus causing different digestive problems like acid refluxes or even hernias. Also, not only does bad posture weakens the digestive system but also causes individuals to develop that belly pouch.

What are Posture Braces?

Also known widely as “clavicle braces”, posture braces are products which are required to assist people to relieve back pain, correct poor posture, prevent shoulder slump by prevented upper body support. These products come in various sizes, colours and designs. Posture braces can be both gender specific as well as unisexual i.e there is an availability of specific posture brace for women, men and for children. These are excellent tools to assist individuals to get their posture back in order.

There are numerous more negative effects of poor posture like poor breathing, back shoulder and neck pains and tension headaches. Posture braces are great ways to correct the posture and avoid numerous bodily problems.