The Leading Personal Relationship Manager Service

The mention of the name Jeff Tinsley rings a familiar bell in our minds and most people are like . . . Wait, Jeff Tinsley? Is it the guy who launched MyLife? YES! Jeff Tinsley is the CEO who launched in 2002. If you are familiar with Personal Relationship Manager Services (PRM), that is what we are discussing here. is a market leader in this category and offers unique PRM services to its members; helping them to form and maintain proper work and personal relationships, and also to make valuable connections across different email accounts and social media. The most exciting thing about this is that all these services all happen in one place.
When you join as an average new member, you get a chance to become well connected and exposed to many people with similar interests as you or those pursuing the same career as you. You will have at least 3 profiles spread across different social networks and similarly have several email addresses. In this 21st century, lots of things have changed with the ushering in of an opportunity-filled Information Age, and the waving goodbye of the now unpopular Industrial Age. These days, sophisticated technological advances have simplified how we conduct our day to day business and even how we connect and relate with each other. The powerful social networks prevalent in this age have created wonderful opportunities, for both companies and individuals, to expand their personal and professional base. It’s easier to interact with your target market now than ever before. comes in and helps in complementing these leading networks; and then simplifies the operations of managing them to favor users.
The Endless Benefits of Joining is a leading Personal Relationship Manager Service and with its base in Los Angeles, California, this social network has changed how people present themselves professionally. People are now able to have professional, well established social networks as well as enjoy having well kept public records not only in the native America but also in the whole wide world. It is the only site that has allowed users to track and see who searches for them and when. This has transformed MyLife to a world leader with more than 60 million officially registered users with professional searchable public records and social profiles. Users are allowed to manage and sort their own records and profiles and by just being part of MyLife, they enjoy the noble privilege of being connected to over 1.2 billion similar profiles of other users. The users contribute valuable data that MyLife collects and scrutinizes to help them deliver better and simplified PRM services to its members.

With online jobs now becoming more popular than the regular conventional office jobs, a professional web presence is a must have for any professional or firm; that wants to stay at par with the highly dynamic tech advances of this age. provides its members with a unique excellent platform to connect with the world. Your profile gives you a firm presence and helps you get noticed or identified by potential clients or anyone who searches for you. Search and be searched.