What Are the Multiple Benefits Of Gas Heaters?

A gas heater basically makes use of vapor to create heat, as the name suggests. These are heaters that have emerged very popular for both homes and commercial places because of the many benefits they provide. There are different types of gas heaters that are available in the market, but you must choose that one which does not pollute the environment and that does not have any negative effect on your home décor also. At the same time, you should also think about sufficient exhaustion outlet when you introduce these gas heating systems. The first thing you have to consider is if you need a portable one or something that is fixed. Also, there are many types of categories available for these heaters, like power fed or wall heaters and others. So you have to evaluate which one suits your home or commercial needs the best. The size of the gas heater is also a crucial component here, along with choosing the right gas option – say either natural gas or even LPG.

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What are the different types of gas heaters that are available in the market?

Portable Heaters

These are common referred to as unflued indoor gas heaters too. As the name suggests these are actually very portable, efficient when it comes to energy levels and require no installation. Hence if you are looking for something that can be transferred with ease and requires minimal fuss, then this is the best gas heater for you. However, these heaters are actually a risk for people who are sensitive to emissions. In fact, they are highly not advised for very small rooms or areas because of lack of ventilation.

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Radiant Heaters

These function within particular areas inside the house that need to be heated. The heating temperatures can really shoot up and they are rather compact in size too. They are very much oriented towards particular objects or directions that should be heated. This is the lowest cost gas heater available today and some of these do not even need an electric circuit for operation.

Flued Radiant Heaters

These heaters work on the basis of incorporating flue for smoother combustion emissions. They are highly suggested for people who want direct heat on particular units along with their even distribution to other zones also. In this heater there is actually no indoor emission, making it just right for smaller spaces. Although these heaters have very restricted options for installation, you can sue them if you have a large and open living area, as the gas emissions could be harmful to your children and pets.

Power Flued Heaters

This type of gas heater comes in the convention style and has the benefit of a flue, which is powder oriented. As a result, the overall heating is more even and again no emissions. It has remote controls and probably all other benefits that a modern home could ask for. However, these gas heaters are quite expensive.


This convection heater needs electrical connection for working properly, and it helps in heating the house or commerce space using moving air. It has a gas burning and uses fans for distribution the air. Also called the space heater, these are more contemporary in appearance.

Radiant Convectors

This is a modern kind of gas heater that functions on dual heating methods, which use gas along with fan driven operations. So you get spot heating along with spread out heating, the price is fair and also compact. However, if you want to install gas heaters for your trendy home, then this is a bit old-fashioned and it is also heavier.

There are many other heater types available for gas heaters and you can evaluate their price and functionality before you buy these heaters.