Moving House With Small Children

You have been through the baby joy a couple of times now and your little two bedroom house is now getting too small for you and your family. The kids are growing and will soon need their own rooms, bigger closets, and soon enough, to be closer to school. You have decided it is time for a move. It is a hard decision but, even so, it is your decision and of course it is stressful and emotional to you but even more traumatic for your children. To leave everything that they know and move to a completely new area is strange to them. Even if it is close to your old house, maybe even in the same district, but even so, you should take into consideration what this move will do to your kids and be as prepared as you can.

You surely know by now that children depend on routines and familiarity, so you should break it to them as delicate as you can. And also let them in on what is going on. Trying to protect them by hiding the process to them will probably have opposite result. Discuss with them the reason why we move and let them have their say. Be honest with them, they understand more than you think.

Of course it depends on the age of your children but even so you will have to try and be as open with everything as you can. With older kids you will probably have to think about how their adaption to the new place will be and the first thing that has to come to mind is school. If they are already in school this move will probably be harder on them than the house moving; finding new friends in a new area would be hard on anyone. So make sure you have this in mind. I believe that the younger the kids are, the easier the move. If they haven’t started school yet, the move will certainly be confusing but being there for them and making the move a fun experience for them, there should be no problems.

How to make the move as fun as possible? Well, let the kids come with you to see the house before the move, maybe let them long for their new home. Show them the surroundings and say hello to the neighbors, maybe they have kids in their own age?

On the day of the move, make sure the kids have had time to say goodbye to everything such as the house, their friends, their secret tree house etc. And let them have something that keeps them safe at hand. At this state you should have shown them the new house and they should be prepared for all the fun things that will meet them when they arrive. But nevertheless this particular moment is probably the hardest of them all. No matter how much you prepare them and convince them that the new house is better for them, this moment when you actually are about to leave your home for the last time, will be hard on all of you. Look to embrace that feeling and be sure you have the memories with you to your new home. The kids will adjust just fine. Just give them time and help them on the way by helping them decorating their new room and let them help you decorate yours.

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