Move Out Clean – Choose Between Do It Yourself or Appoint A Professional Cleaner

The move out day is a memorable day since you may step into your dream new home. The moving out may be due to lease expiration or shifting of your work place. Whatever maybe the reason, the thought of cleaning the house after move out ruins your party. The cleaning of mess after everything is packed and transported to the new destination makes you feel uncomfortable and stressed. It becomes very difficult to cope up with simultaneous activities of shifting to new house and cleaning the old one.

Move Out Clean - Choose Between Do It Yourself or Appoint A Professional Cleaner

There are two option either you forcefully do it or appoint professional cleaner for move-out cleaning. The following are deciding factors to choose between the two options.


The cost is an important factor. If you have been cleaning your house through the years, you might be unwilling to spend extra bucks just for one time cleaning. For estimating the cost, you will need –

  • To find out the level of work required to complete the job,
  • Time it will take to complete the work if you plan to do it yourself.
  • Check list of the to-do items.
  • Necessary tools and equipment to do the job – the purchase or rental cost if you are not having it.
  • Required cleaning agents and material and the cost incurred to purchase it.

The summation of above will help you to decide the total cost to be incurred, if you plan to do it yourself as compared to hiring a professional cleaner.


Another deciding factor is the time. By quantifying the cleaning work required, you will be able to derive the total time required to finish the job. If you have sufficient time to complete the job, you can finish it yourself or else seek the help of professional. They will come in a team and do the cleaning work within hours which might stroll away your time.

Terms of Move-out

Based on the contract terms, prepare checklist of to-do things that is required to complete for cleaning. The common items are:

  • Removing nails, screws etc. and plaster them.
  • Wiping and cleaning all the fixtures, kitchen cabinets etc.
  • Removing stains from floor, walls etc.
  • Scrubbing of bathtubs and all areas of toilets, bathrooms, kitchen areas etc.
  • Collecting and disposing all the thrash from the home.

The above is not an exhaustive list and shall depend on the cleaning work that needs to be done. The professional cleaner shall quote, accordingly. You should decide on the basis of the return deposit outweighing the cleaning expense.


If you have been calling the cleaning service throughout the years, there is no question of having trust. Otherwise, calling some strangers can make a difference. Hence search for the reliable company either through reference of friends, relatives. There are best cleaning service Orange County, whom you can have faith and trust to complete the job to your satisfaction

Save Money

If your checklist of cleaning is long, you shall require additional tools, cleaning agents etc. to complete the job. Moreover you might not be able to clean it properly for instance if the carpet is very soiled, the soap scum is thick etc.  Hiring a professional cleaner can do the job efficiently and thoroughly as they have industrial grade tools and cleaning substances.


There is lot of stress, while shifting from old place to a new house. There are various minor things that need attention for instance packing of the material, transportation etc. Above all, the cleaning can put on a greater stress if you have tight schedule and limited time. In order to reduce stress, it is better you go with hiring a professional cleaner.

Ultimately, you have to decide after understanding the pros and cons of appointing professional cleaner. It should fit your budget and at the same time help in smooth transition.

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