Mistakes People Make When Packing For A Move

The moving of all of your household items and personal possessions from one place to another can be a stressful task that can involve some moving responsibilities. Usually, the job of moving house includes a number of activities, and while some of them can be more perplexing than others, packing is one of the most testing one out there. Here are 7 mistakes that people still make when moving:

Mistakes People Make When Packing For A Move

  1. Box Sizes

You will need different types of boxes depending on what things you are going to move. Grab a few more than you think you will need, and try packing things that you won’t be using as you get closer to the moving date.

  1. Select a Starting Point

One of the most difficult areas of packing, is working out when and where to start. Even if you choose to pack those smaller items first, or decide to work on a room to room basis, selecting a starting point will certainly assist you in working out just how long it will take you to get the job completed.

  1. Time, Lots of Time

There are some people who can simply up and move out in no time at all! But most of us normal folk need at least a month or two to get fully packed up and be ready for the move. Remember to not leave everything till the last minute.

  1. Have the Right Tools Available

That packing job will pass by that much easier with the correct tools. Movers in Melbourne will advise you that having a shortage of boxes, tape, or bubble wrap, is just not on, so be prepared, especially if it’s getting closer to moving day. Get the tools you will need and then even get a little extra of each before you start.

  1. Box Labelling

Make a list of what has gone into what box and then label them clearly. You will find that this will make a whole lot of difference when you unpack them at the new residence. Boxes without any identifiable labels is just like playing a game of Russian roulette!

  1. Bigger Boxes for those Fragile Items

Yet another common error that people often make is packing things such as mirrors and framed pictures into boxes that are the perfect fit. Try giving these fragile items some extra room with packing to reduce any chance of damage.

  1. Pack up an Important Box

Many people have moved in the past and boxed up essential day to day items, not thinking that they will be things that you will need very soon after moving. So, try to make a point in not forgetting to put aside an easily accessible box of things that you will soon need.

A Smooth move from A – B!

And that’s it! The above advice above will help things go all that more easy and helps to avoid any mishaps. May your new home be smiling!