Manufacturing Technology – What’s Hot In This Industry In 2015?

If you’ve been keeping track of the news on the manufacturing technology advancements, additive manufacturing, which is popularly known as 3D printing will soon become the torch-bearer of the next industrial revolution. This form of technology is totally different, while it’s available both for the hobbyists and the professionals; it is also perfect for a geek. An item is made thin, layer by layer, so much so that it then appears to be magically from the thin air. Although this is one of the best forms of manufacturing technology, this is just one of the numbers of emerging technologies that people will see in 2015. Many more are here to come to the market and also to stay throughout. Apart from 3D printing, what else is in store? Do you wish to have a glimpse of the future? Here is a quick list that will take you to future.

Manufacturing Technology – What’s Hot In This Industry In 2015?

  • Process control, sensing and measurement: One thing has to be noted that virtually there is only one thing that all advanced manufacturing techniques have in common: they’re all driven by computers that are all working with huge amounts of data. This is the reason why the devices that capture data like the sensors that monitor humidity, GPS trackers that fix location or callipers which measure the thickness of a material are so crucial and important. Such devices are those that make smartphones smart and they are also used as flexible, intelligent and highly efficient manufacturing techniques. Through such processes, products can be tracked from their inception to that of delivery.
  • Technologies related to digital manufacturing: Designers and engineers have always been using modelling tools aided by a computer for few decades and they have been doing it not only to design different products but also to modify, test and improve them digitally. This often helps them let go of the more costly physical testing that is involved, which is also a slow process. Cheap 3D scanners and cloud computing are gradually pushing these methods into the mainstream where they can easily be used by the entrepreneurs.
  • Designing of materials, synthesis & processing: New machines will need new materials and new materials will allow the creation of further new machines. Half of the time that it takes to recognize a new material and bring it into the market, is a process that can presently need decades. This can be changed to a few years by utilizing the new methods of production and manufacturing.
  • Sustainable manufacturing: The goal of sustainable manufacturing is simple: maximizing each atom of matter & joule of energy which is used in waste and production as little as possible. A major area of focus here is energy-efficient manufacturing. For instance, manufacturers often speak about the lights-out factories that always operate in the dark and don’t require being cooled or heated as they’re run by machines and robots.

Hence if you’re eager to know about the different ways in which manufacturing technology has advanced in the market, you can take into account the above mentioned factors. To know how such advancements in the manufacturing technology affect the market, you may check out

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