Making Your Website Work for You

The statistics concerning customers and their internet usage are mind-blowing. Product research accounts for 78% of internet traffic. Close to 80% of individuals, utilize a mobile device for purposes of using the Internet. Web traffic means nothing if customers and clients decide to navigate away from your website. You have a short time-frame to capture the attention of your intended audience. When you capture the attention of your audience, you generate business. The ultimate goal is generating repeat business. So how do you accomplish generating additional business? You focus your attention on the web design and making your website work for you.


Website Redesign

There are several considerations prior to redesigning a website. Review the metrics. Are the numbers down? Look at the underlying factors leading to tanking numbers. Downward trends in user participation, sales, engagement and conversations are indicators, but the main concern is a general disconnect from your intended audience. Adjust your priorities and focus attention on the productivity of your site.
Incorporate feedback from your customer base. Numbers provide a general overview, but your customers tell you the complete story. Open conversations and lines of communication with your customer base. Incorporate surveys and on-on-one interaction. Measure the results of your actions.
When was the last time you refreshed your website design? A refresh leads to new customers as well as higher engagement from current customers. A redesign invigorates the experience.

Educational Content

Knowledge is power. Chances are customers perform countless hours of research prior to visiting your website. Make your website the place where customers have the ability to educate themselves. Incorporate downloadable material, videos, whitepapers and reports. Studies show a higher conversion rate when educational material is present on a website.

Lead Data

Generating additional revenue streams through your website involves providing a clear message. Capture the attention of customers within the first 10 seconds of their visit. Stick to the point and create a call to action. Convey your message as if every visitor is a new visitor. Imagery sells your website. Provide photos of individuals your customer base relates to, not stock photos that look unrealistic.
Create a feeling of trust among your customers. Just because you are selling something, does not mean your customers are buying. Incorporate real-life comments and testimonials on your website. Visitors want to know you are a trustworthy, legitimate business.

Accessible Social Profile

The numbers do not lie. Business generates from social media. In fact, B2B companies noticed a 41% jump in customer acquisitions by using Facebook in a marketing campaign. Social media is critical to business. Making your website work for you involves making your homepage social-friendly. Business success involves being more accessible on social media. Locate your social media profiles in a prevalent location on your website, preferably above the fold. Incorporate your social media profiles in the signature of your email.
When you respond to comments on your website, do you use different email addresses? Consolidate your email addresses now. Interlink email addresses from sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook in order to create a greater online presence. Connect social media profiles as well.
The goal of your website is to make money. You can either spend time working for your website or allow your website to work for you.