Making Free Phone Calls Through The Internet – Some Tips To Consider

Given the soaring costs of international phone calls, people with friends and family members staying abroad are all worried about the ways in which they can stay in touch with them and also avoid burning a hole in their wallet. But what are the ways in which they can do so? Is it enough to have a desktop or a laptop at your home or is it necessary to have an internet connection? Well, as technology has gifted us with different new communication programs, there are different ways of making free phone calls as well. If you’re not aware of the software and apps that help you make free phone calls, this article will help you out.

Making Free Phone Calls Through The Internet – Some Tips To Consider

How to make Free Phone Calls through the Internet

The tutorial is intended to show you how you can make phone calls for free through the internet connection and through your computer. Have a look at the steps that you need to take in order to start off with the process.

  1. Ensure your computer has working microphone: Before downloading any software of app, you need to ensure that your computer has a working microphone. Most notebooks these days already have such microphones installed along with a webcam but if you don’t have one, get one.
  2. Sign up for a gmail account: After you check your microphones, check whether or not you have a gmail account. In case you don’t know how to sign up for a google account, go to and click the orange button that says “Sign in” and then another orange button that says “Sign up”. Fill out all required information and this will create your account.
  3. Download the app: Once you’re done with creating your gmail account, you can decide which app or software to download in order to stay in touch with your family members and friends who stay abroad. You can choose between Skype, FreePhoneCalls or MagicJack and many other apps. Remember that there are app to telephone services, app to app services and many others.
  4. Sync your contacts: Once you have the required app or software in your computer or smartphone, you have to sync your contacts so that you can effortlessly call them without having to search through your contact list again. If you’re using Google Voice, your contacts saved in your phone will automatically show up and hence you can soon start calling them through the virtual Google number that is offered to you.

Among all the Voice Over Internet Protocols (VOIPs) that are available on the internet, Skype is a popular messaging service. In fact, Skype is the most widely used app that is nowadays both used on PCs as well as on Smartphones. Since most smartphones come with a front camera, it has become easier to chat by showing yourself to the person at the other end. Therefore, in case you’re confused about which software to download for making free internet calls, you can undoubtedly download Skype. But make sure you download its latest version.

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