Main Nuances Of The Online Business Process Management

The business process management is a systematic management approach aimed at improving the organizational activities and processes. This approach enables companies to define their processes, organize their implementation and increase the quality of the results and level of performance.

The majority of large and small companies are confident about BPM solutions and readily implement them. However, some companies still question whether to invest the funds in such systems or to train their personnel to correctly operate them. Online business process management by is the best solution in such situations. Employing BPM technologies is the right choice for modern business, which will make its management more effective.

What are the goals of using online business process management?

Online business process management allows you to make business more flexible and dynamic. You can implement such browser-based software in multiple offices of your company and companies of your partners. Bpm’online is considered to be one of the best platforms for business process automation. To learn more about and its products for improving your business just follow the link

The implementation of these solutions is aimed to:

  • make your business more dynamic – you can significantly save time with the help of regulation and automation of process steps and setting time limits for them;
  • increase quality —business processes become transparent for all participants. So all the required rules are followed;
  • make your business flexible — the ability to achieve the organizational flexibility of a company ;
  • online business process management provides the ability to integrate external systems and software to support unified business processes, use a single application for the entire life cycle of business processes and the automation of users activities ;
  • you can analyze the quality of staff performance;
  • control over an entire process in automatic mode.

The main goal of business process management is to align business processes with organizational goals. Each process must be configured so that its results in the achievement of business goals.

Online BPM is simple to implement.

Main benefits of using online BPM

Among the main advantages of the implementation of online business process management are the following:

  • automation of all business processes;
  • usage of advanced technologies;
  • easy data exchange and integration;
  • the possibility of continuous improvement of business processes and thus achievement of business objectives;
  • run-time reduction of processes by automating heir regulation and automation of individual steps. All performers will know exactly what to do and when
  • the decrease in operational errors due to the fact that business process is directed by the system;
  • significant increase in the transparency of operational activities;
  • improving the quality of corporate information. A lot of information appears during the business processes implementation. It should be reflected in various information systems used in organizations;
  • it is much easier to identify the needs of regular and potential customers.

Bpm’online is ready to offer customers a simple yet powerful interface of its products. They are equally convenient to work on your computer, tablet and smartphone. The main advantage is the absence of necessity of introduction of the product, which makes it easier and more economical. Due to the fact that a user can access online BPM solution from any device, it is ideal for modern and active leaders.

The cycle of business process management

The cycle of the online business process management follows the principles of continuous improvement. Based on these principles, it consists of repeated steps. Each stage includes several phases. Each phase performs a specific set of actions.

BPM consists of the following phases:

  1. determination – at this phase a process modeling is at its initial state;
  2. analysis – at this stage, various options of the process are analyzed. As a result, the most optimal methods are determined;
  3. implementation of the changes – the selected methods are used and the changes are implemented;
  4. monitoring – at this phase a periodic monitoring of a process is conducted;
  5. optimization – the comparison of the actually received results with the desired ones. Then the next cycle of improvement begins.

If these phases of business process management must be applied to multiple processes, then a preliminary phase takes place. During this phase the necessary processes are chosen, priorities for their change and improvement are set.

The online BPM provides a complete set of tools to manage a company and to effectively work with clients. With its usage you will be able to maintain a customer base and keep a record of a complete history of customer relationships, plan and manage sales, monitor the employees performance and automate business processes and workflows.