LG G4 To Surpass The LG G3 Characteristics In 2015

In the mid of 2014, LG launched a surprising smartphone the LG G3, which was nightmare for the manufacturers because of its uniqueness. And now in the market there are rumors regarding the LG G4 that it would be revealed in near future and it will surpass the G3.

LG G4 To Surpass The LG G3 Characteristics In 2015

The design of LG G3 was one of the major factors behind its success. The first thing that should be noted: The new flagship LG G3 is not compact, unfortunately, within a reasonable size, which, albeit with difficulty, matched its predecessor. Unlike LG G2, which was a major, but still quite elegant handheld mobile device, the novelty has passed the invisible boundary, has occupied a place among the “shovels”. And certified by the company’s representatives that with such a large screen smartphone has managed to keep digestible for the size of a human hand.

LG G3 is no smaller than that of a phablet. The unit is very large, although narrower faces and small for so large mass in some way smooth this impression. Still a little sad that the Koreans could not restrain in this strange race – after the previous flagship they came out quite elegant even in terms of the dimensions of the machine, and nothing seems to be no signs of such an “explosive” growth.

However, this question can only disturb those who still see in today’s smartphone not a tablet, and a neat miniature and mobile assistant was placed in the average pocket. Those who are determined to reconcile themselves to the smartphone and tablet in one device will not find here and nothing shocking – after all, without exception, top producers in the new season also significantly increased their flagship smartphones in size. When and on what mark will stop this race, is becoming quite puzzling. As for the design, it has remained virtually the same as that of LG G2, only the changed material. More precisely, not even the materials themselves – because the body as it was, and remains plastic. But this time the developers have managed to make this type of plastic, which at first sight does not distinguish from the real metal. Back cover added a kind of rough texturing metal surface and a shiny rim extending around the perimeter of the side and does resemble the real steel. Yes, still no metal here, only the high-tech plating on plastic.

Due to this kind of coating, G3 turned out absolutely non-staining, and because the windshield it has excellent grease repellent properties, in this issue the new flagship significantly surpassed its predecessor: LG G2, on the other hand, was completely glossy and very easily soiled device.

And soon when we would have LG G4 in the market, LG would repeat history. LG Looks confident in the market after the launch of G3, but nothing can be confirmed so easily and that for sure, LG will take the series upwards with next launches like LG G4 and LG G5.