Learn To Use Mobile Business Intelligence To Your Advantage

Mobile devices have opened a box full of opportunities for businesses and service-providers. And, the opportunists (in a positive sense) do not want to leave any stone unturned until they get the most out of the opportunity. Business intelligence (BI) is a domain that provides the insights that businesses require to expand or identify prospects that can benefit them. Going mobile enhances the overall experience and adds to the already existing benefits.


Mobile BI can contribute to a business’s growth in a number of ways. Let’s look at some of those in detail so that you know how it can help your business.

  • Taking decisions has always been a part of every business; but, the latest technological advances (one being mobile BI) makes it easier because you have all the required information at your disposal. You can access original reports or some short analytics of those to take informed decisions.
  • Increasing employee efficiency is another important aspect that businesses engage in. Mobile BI helps employees in their routine work by eliminating tasks that do not really require human intervention. For instance, an iPhone app development company might make use of research studies rather than making employees research and come up with solutions.
  • Enhancing customer experience is a company’s primary focus. Many solutions are available in the market that have automated the process but using mobile makes it easier because required data is always handy and you can help your customers from anywhere in the world without having to rely on the physical database to access information regarding the case.
  • Making tedious business processes less complicated and manageable is another advantage of Mobile BI. This includes streamlining data automatically which would otherwise take quite a lot of time, recognizing patterns, suggesting solutions, etc. These analyses are error free if the data source is correct and can benefit business in a big way in a lot less time.


Business intelligence is being used in different solutions differently from a long time. But, when we talk about Mobile BI then it is important to understand that this is a relatively new concept which has been emerging rapidly. It does not mean that the available solutions are incomplete or inefficient. The available systems that make use of Mobile BI are adept at adding value to your business. But researchers and related companies are working towards improving it.

The improvement that we talked should not really be considered a drawback. It is more of an assurance that the concept is strong and emerging solutions are only going to make it better and better. The ultimate solution might take a little time, but, the existing alternatives are sufficient to give an idea of what is in making. The drawbacks (frankly, I can’t think of any) that you might encounter now will only help in creating something fruitful in the near future.


Many companies are involved in research activities to analyze the market and trends on the basis of business intelligence. In order to make the most out of the business intelligence, you can either hire a company to take up a fresh research on the parameters that relate to your business (similar to the iPhone app development company mentioned in the example above) or purchase a report that can help you create strategies. One such report by Market.biz Global Mobile Business Intelligence Sales Market Report 2017 offers insights on industry chain structures, region-wise analysis that rely on primary and secondary research sources like interviews, annual reports, etc.

Mobile BI has a long way to go which is indicated by the increasing popularity of barrier-free business operations. With that note in mind, let’s see what the future entails.