Keeping Pests Off Your Siding

Building siding can become a home to pests like spiders and bugs, especially in areas you cannot easily access. As their population grows, these creatures may start disturbing you and cause damage to your home structure. Here are some ways to eradicate those pests or keep them away from your home:

Make sure they are cleaned regularly.

There are small areas which you might not be able reach. Cleaning your siding regularly does not only remove the pests out there before they permanently reside in your walls, but you also get a chance to wipe out their nests or webs and also their eggs just before they become an addition to the bugs in your siding.

Remove materials which can house insects.

If you happen to have bricks, firewood and other things just lying around, you might consider keeping those away since these are a perfect shelter for pests.

Insecticides through accessible spots.

Take advantage of the gaps in your walls to induce pesticide. There are also spots around corners and spaces between window panels. Your walls may have a lot of protective layers, so it would be wise to work from both the interior and the exterior of your home. Make sure to observe safety measures like wearing protective eyewear and gloves, as well as keeping it away from areas where there is food.

Seal open spots.

A regular outdoor or waterproof sealant may simply be applied along gaps or cracks to keep the pests away from your siding. Make sure to push the sealant into these openings to fill the gaps and for an even wall surface.

Replace lights which attract insects.

Incandescent light bulbs lure insects as well as other pests that feed on these insects. It is better to use energy-saving LED lights, sodium vapor lights or yellow light bulbs.

Mow lawns near the siding.

A tall or thick grass near your house’s siding are places loved by some insects like ants. In addition, a neatly mowed lawn will help you see right away when there are already pests in your yard.

Use products that keep pests away

There are several kinds of treatments that may be applied to your siding to prevent pests from housing in your home. Also, a diatomaceous earth around your home can easily terminate nearby pests like spiders.

Pests may truly become a burden in your home.  These are just a couple of things you can do to control this pest issue. When things get quite difficult, you can always ask help from a professional to get rid of these pests and make your home insect-free once again.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the  go to contractor for siding in Columbia, MO.