Keep Your Home Safe and Secure This Festive Season

Christmas is a season of giving and festivities, which makes it even more important to ensure your home is safe and secure. The festive period has been statistically proven to be a hotspot for potential burglars and thieves, due to the large number of expensive gifts, unoccupied homes and easy opportunities. By ensuring your home is both safe and secure this festive period, you can prevent any unwanted visitors and rest assured you’ll have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Security Precautions

Considering specific security precautions for your home can be hugely beneficial. For example, by installing a burglar alarm, if you haven’t already got one, you’re instantly creating a deterrent that potential burglars will see, putting them off your home as it’s clearly protected. Along with a burglar alarm, something as simple as motion lights can work very well at putting people off your home. One of the largest benefits to motion lighting is that as soon as motion is detected, the light will come on, exposing whoever is in its path. Motion lighting can often be a little frustrating when it turns on due to animals or the wind, but you can actually control the strength of the motion and it’s much better to feel safe and secure within your own home. These simple yet effective safety precautions will ensure your home is less attractive to potential burglars, as well as keeping you and your home safe all year round, not just at Christmas time.

Protect Valuables

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave your valuables in sight, but this is often forgotten or bypassed when in your own home. Many become slack with keeping valuables hidden when in the comfort of their own home due to the fact that the doors are locked, but leaving valuables in view of prying eyes can be enough of a reason for someone to break into your home. By simply keeping your valuables stored away when not in use, you’re preventing any potential break ins. Keep your keys safe and away from doors and windows, as this will ensure nobody can have easy access to them.

Prevent Temptation

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, with lots of presents and treats for friends and family sitting under the tree awaiting the big day. For many, presents under the tree gives your Christmas décor that magical finishing touch, however, this can also be a great temptation for burglars as they only have to focus on one part of the home. Avoid putting all of your gifts under the tree before the big day, as this will stop any potential thieves from wanting to take them from your home. If you know you have expensive gifts under the tree, keep them safe in a wardrobe or cupboard in the run up to Christmas day, as this will ensure you’re not causing temptation for any potential burglars.

Similarly, once the big day has been, try to avoid putting any gift packaging on display either in your home or by your bins, as this will give potential burglars an insight into what expensive items are inside your home. Pack the rubbish into a bin bag and tie it up, then place the rubbish into your bin.

Common Mistakes

There are a few common mistakes that are made, especially in the garden, that can actually make life for a burglar that little bit easier. One of the most common errors is leaving items next to your fencing. The great thing about fencing is that it keeps unwanted visitors out, however, when items such as bins, boxes and benches are positioned close to a fence, it creates a step that can be used to easily climb over your fence and into your garden without making a sound. Similarly, making sure areas such as garden gates are locked is key. It’s so easy to not lock the gates knowing your home is secure and locked, but this creates easy access to your garden which is not what you want, especially when it gets so dark so early that you wouldn’t see anyone trespassing in your garden.