Is Your Business Ready For The Digital Era Of SEO?

Digital marketing. PPC. SEO. Web development. What does it all mean? If you are starting up a business then you will know that the first step is to gather information and discover new opportunities.

As well as looking, you also want clients to find you. How do you find something in 2017? Google. How do I do a marketing plan? Google it. Who’s a good painter and decorator in my area? Google it. Google is the hub which the digital community is based around and it has the answers to just about everything. If your business isn’t found on Google – its time to worry.

The statistics also back this up. When looking for a product or service, a mighty 81% of us search online prior to buying. SEO Edinburgh team Smarter Digital Marketing give us an insight into the world of SEO. 

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO  and digital marketing Edinburgh experts, Smarter Digital marketing say that “commerce is moving online and it is important that your business is investing in digital marketing in Edinburgh”.

Search engines work by structuring and optimising a page or domain to rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the intended keyword. A keyword can be anything at all from “marketing agencies in Edinburgh” to “Pizza Glasgow”, whatever you are looking for, Google will find you it.

As you will know, all you need to do is enter a word or phrase into a search engine for it to return relevant results for their query.

 Is Your Business Ready For The Digital Era Of SEO?

Why Do We Need SEO?

At the end of the day, SEO Edinburgh matters is incredibly important to your business and you should either be investing time or money into your strategy – it doesn’t work overnight.

As other digital marketers would say the top three results on a SERP take the lions share of the traffic from searches, with pole position taking a massive 34% of traffic. The steaks are high when it comes to online business and you if websites ranks on page 2 or lower, the likelihood of you gaining any meaningful organic traffic is low.

How Does SEO Work?

This is a complex questions as Google works in mysterious ways, however, SEO is based on one simple principle: relevancy. If your website is healthy and trusted by other healthy websites, Google and any other search engine will appreciate your website and will reveal it for the most relevant results for a user’s search query.

Is Your Business Ready For The Digital Era Of SEO?

SEO works by crawling web pages and reading the content which features on the account. Google will then analyse the topic and theme of the content and decide what keywords are the most relevant to the site. This is how google matches queries to websites – well one of the ways. The health of a site has a lot to do with how Google reacts to it.

A combination of SEO Edinburgh services will help you build links and create domain authority. When undertaking on page optimisation, a good digital marketer will make sure that the keywords that a web page is to be ranked for is found in certain parameters.